What is the correct spelling for CORDOURY?

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Correct spellings for CORDOURY

  • carroty There was indeed no denying this, for it was altogether red, of an intense carroty hue.
  • carry 5858. Is not that a long way to carry them?
  • codger "That old codger represents the nearest thing to an animal that the human being can reach," said McLaughlin, one of the oldest missionaries on the island.
  • codify You create and codify your own system all in a breath.
  • cookery The cookery book is an exception, the value of this, though often enhanced by a fine binding, being yet considerable, even in a shabby jacket.
  • cord It is worth almost anywhere in the valley not less than three dollars a cord ; that is, a pile eight feet long, four feet wide, and four feet high.
  • cordoba The first movement was towards the old university town of Cordoba .
  • cordon But then he had a clear vision of the wood at night-lanterns moving in every direction, men's voices, a cordon of men all round the wood.
  • cords Then I made hasty search in a big closet of the room, and found a lot of bundles of books and magazines tied with stout cords .
  • corduroy The noise, the leaping motion of the cars and the perilous passage of drays made it as pleasant to her as a ride behind a running team on a corduroy road.
  • corduroys He struck the match on his corduroys , lifting his knee to stretch the breeches taut, and his hollow cheeks nearly met inside as he puffed, then he held the glow of the expiring match before me.
  • corot They have some such conception of the plain facts of human nature, ordinary financial values, and efficient methods of commerce as a man with color blindness has of the art of Corot .
  • corridor Lionel saw Miss Burgoyne coming along the corridor , and was glad of the chance of saying good-night to her before she got on to the front of Lord Denysfort's drag.
  • corrode These have been in use in the museum collection only for the last two or three years, and whether they will eventually tend to corrode the pins is not yet settled.
  • country He knows that country like a book.
  • couture Couture escaped a worse fate by being adopted into an Iroquois family.
  • curry Add a tablespoonful of curry powder and a teaspoonful of grated onion.
  • cursory To a careful reader it is very different, I must acknowledge, but with a cursory reader it might have that effect.
  • dowry She already had reason to dread her husband as a tyrant-he to dislike her as a victim; and his discovery of her base birth, with the threatened loss of the greater part of her dowry , could only result, with such a man, in increased aversion towards her.
  • mortuary Into every cranny, on every trail; Always the snow and its winding-sheet, The mortuary snow so pale.
  • ordure As Bibulus, the consul, was going to the forum, accompanied by Lucullus and Cato, they fell upon him on a sudden and broke his rods; and somebody threw a vessel of ordure upon the head of Bibulus himself; and two tribunes of the people, who escorted him, were desperately wounded in the fray.
  • Carder It appears evident, however, that Columbus sprang immediately from a line of humble but industrious citizens, which had existed in Genoa, even from the time of Giacomo Colombo the wool-carder, in 1311, mentioned by Spotorno; nor is this in any wise incompatible with the intimation of Fernando Columbus, that the family had been reduced from high estate to great poverty, by the wars of Lombardy.
  • corded She took off her corded sunbonnet, and crossed her hands upon it in her lap.
  • Corpora It was also received into the various corpora doctrinae.
  • Gordon "Come thro', come thro', Lieutenant Gordon !
  • coders Rather than try to simulate infinite precision, most arithmetic coders instead operate at a fixed limit of precision which they know the decoder will be able to match, and round the calculated fractions to their nearest equivalents at that precision.
  • grottiest

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