What is the correct spelling for CORLOR?

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Correct spellings for CORLOR

  • cloy Abundance, every one that hath Accidents by flood and field Accoutred as I was Aching void Action, suit the, to the word Actions of the just -like almanacs Acts, little nameless Ada, sole daughter of my house Adam, whipped the offending -dolve and Eve span -the son of, and of Eve Adversary, that mine, had written a book Adversity, sweet the uses of Adversity's sweet milk Affection's mild Age, my, is as a lusty winter -, be comfort to my -cannot wither her -, he was not of an -, for talking -, shakes Athena's tower -, mirror to a gaping -, you'd scarce expect one of my Ages, alike all -, three poets in three distant Agree, where they do Air is full of farewells Airy nothing a local habitation -tongues Aisle and fretted vault Alabaster, like his grandsire cut in All things, prove -things to all men -things that are, are chased -that's bright must fade Allegory, headstrong as an Almanacs like actions of the last age Almighty Dollar Alms, when thou doest Alone, not good that man should be -, they are never, when with noble thoughts Alpha and Omega Alps on Alps arise Altars, strike for your Ambition, vaulting -should be made of sterner stuff -, to reign is worth Angel, she drew down an -, a guardian, she Angel, recording Angels unawares -, make the, weep -trumpet-tongued -and ministers of grace -face shined bright -till our passion dies -are painted fair to look like you -, holy, guard thy bed -wake thee Angels' visits, short and bright -short and far between Angel-visits, few and far between Anger of his lip -more in sorrow than in Angry, be ye, and sin not Anguish, pain is lessened by another's -, hopeless, poured his groan Annals of the poor Anointed, rail on the Lord's Answer, a soft, turneth away wrath Anthem, pealing Antidote, sweet oblivious Anything, for what is worth in Apostles fled, she when Apostolic blows and knocks Apothecary, civet, good Apparel, proclaims the man Apparitions seen and gone Appearance, judge not by Appetite, good digestion wait on Appetite, cloy the hungry ed are of -, to breakfast with what -grown by what it fed on Applaud these to the very echo Apple of his eye Appliances and means to boot Apollo's lute, musical as Apollos watered Apprehension of the good April, June, and November Arch of London bridge Argue, though vanquished, he could Argues yourselves unknown Argument, staple of his Armor, his honest thought Arms, take your last embrace Arrows, Cupid kills with Art, adorning thee with so much -grace beyond the reach of -, ease in writing comes from -, than all the gloss of -is long Artaxerxes' throne Arts and eloquence, mother of Asbourne, down thy hill, romantic Ashes to ashes -, e'en in our Askelon, publish it not in the streets of Ask, and it shall be given you Asleep, the houses seem Ass, write me down an Assurance double sure Athens, the eye of Greece Atlantean shoulders Attempt, and not the deed, confounds Audience, and attention drew Audience fit, though few Auld acquaintance Authority, a little brief Awake, arise, for ever fallen Awe, in, of such a thing as I Ax, laid to the root
  • coal The most striking features were its unusual pallor, and the eyes, which were coal black, and piercing as the dagger's point. I shoveled sixteen tons of number 9 coal And the foreman said "well bless my soul!" – Sixteen Tons by rockapella
  • coil I then gathered in the rope you were sending me, and making a coil or pile of it I seated myself upon it, ruminating and considering what I was to do to lower myself to the bottom, having no one to hold me up; and as I was thus deep in thought and perplexity, suddenly and without provocation a profound sleep fell upon me, and when I least expected it, I know not how, I awoke and found myself in the midst of the most beautiful, delightful meadow that nature could produce or the most lively human imagination conceive.
  • col Did he not know what was Col .
  • cola i. & cola ; Capiat a lib. ss. ad lib. ij. die.
  • cole Cole strolled out of the works, but not unobserved.
  • collar Something seemed to choke him and his fingers went nervously to his collar .
  • colon That is because there is little or no chime entering the colon .
  • color Its skin was pale golden, its hair, unlike that of other babies, was of the color of the rays of the sun.
  • colors On one of its points stands a small fort, which, on our arrival, hoisted Spanish colors .
  • colour Comes freedom, then, from colour ?
  • cool Immediately after the battle of Cerro Gordo, it marched on to the old city of Jalapa, among the mountains, where its quarters were cool and comfortable.
  • cooler He first carefully spread his mantle over the stone and then wrapped her in it as tenderly as a mother might cover her shivering child, for a cooler breeze gave warning of the coming dawn.
  • cowl
  • curl
  • curler
  • Carl Carl moved away from the window, strangely drawn toward her, and her face became radiant with unspeakable joy.
  • Coll He is buried in the chapel of Trinity Coll .
  • Carlo But it was not Carlo who entered.
  • COLO Colo., it stopped being an operating oil field, and it became a statistical job. When I moved there first it was the greatest boomtown and the greatest drilling place in the United States.
  • CORR

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