What is the correct spelling for COSOLATION?

If you're constantly mistyping "cosolation", fear not! The correct spelling you're looking for is "consolation". This simple error might stem from negligence or a typo. Remember to double-check your spelling, especially when it pertains to commonly used words like "consolation".

Correct spellings for COSOLATION

  • collation The librarian spent hours organizing the books by subject and author for the collation of the library's catalogue.
  • consolation My only consolation when I missed the game was that the team lost.
  • copulation The copulation between the male and female turtles was observed by the scientists in the lab.
  • desolation The abandoned town was a picture of desolation and despair, with no signs of life around.
  • isolation The extended quarantine has forced many people into a state of isolation.