What is the correct spelling for COSOLE?

If you mistakenly misspell "cosole", don't worry! The correct spelling is actually "console". A console refers to a device or interface used for controlling, managing or troubleshooting electronic systems, software or games. Remember to double-check spelling to enhance clear communication and avoid confusion.

Correct spellings for COSOLE

  • cajole She tried to cajole her little brother into coming inside for dinner.
  • Carole Carole is planning to visit her grandmother this weekend.
  • castle I am going to visit my aunt's castle.
  • cobble
  • cobol I'm going to write a program in Cobol.
  • cockle I collected some cockle shells for my beach ornament.
  • coddle While some believe in tough love, others prefer to coddle their children.
  • cole The cole crop is a type of vegetable crop grown in temperate climates.
  • console I need to log off the console.
  • cool I'm pretty cool, you think?
  • cooler Mail delivery will be cooler in the cooler weather.
  • coolie
  • cools The evening breeze cools the air, making it much more pleasant to be outside.
  • cosine There is a right cosine and a wrong cosine.
  • costly Hiring an expert may be more costly, but it can save time and money in the long run.
  • couple I am going to spend a couple of hours studying before the exam tomorrow.
  • creole I love spicy creole dishes from New Orleans.
  • jostle The crowd began to jostle each other as they pushed and shoved to get closer to the stage.
  • resole Her shoes needed a resole because they were starting to wear thin at the the heels.
  • sole The sole survivor of the plane crash was found after three days.