What is the correct spelling for COUCILING?

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Correct spellings for COUCILING

  • caviling So that, when the others commended Philip for his able speaking, his beautiful person, nay, and also for his good companionship in drinking, Demosthenes could not refrain from caviling at these praises; the first, he said, was a quality which might well enough become a rhetorician, the second a woman, and the last was only the property of a sponge; no one of them was the proper commendation of a prince.
  • ceiling Under one curve of the vaulted ceiling the whole family of a given time is shown, half-length but life-size, looking down pleasantly on the unexpected American guests who try to pretend they were invited, or at least came by mistaking the house for another. Pictured on the ceiling Regretting what you're feeling – Girls Say by beth hart
  • circling The two giants were on the mats and around the rows of up-circling benches, were the eager, hungry faces of the women of Bortinot.
  • cling The soiling embrace seemed to cling to her arms, to her neck, to the very clothes she had on. And I wouldn't change a thing about it; No, I wouldn't want to change a thing. In a world that's unreliable, These are rocks on which to cling. – The Last Real Record Store On Earth by Unknown Author
  • cobbling Parker stopped his amateur cobbling , and looked up.
  • coiling For the rest, the mountain there wrapt in the chestnut forest is not like that bare peak which tilts against the sky, nor like that serpent twine of another which seems to move and coil in the moving coiling shadow.
  • concealing In his defence he was concealing his real deeds and character, and justifying himself. There's no way of concealing That permanent reminder of a temporary feeling – Permanent Reminder Of A Temporary Feeling by Jimmy Buffett
  • consoling While the captain was entertaining the ladies and consoling the Duchess of Macedonia, the emperor called for a council meeting and explained the mission that the sultan and the Turk had sent Tirant on, just as Tirant had told it to him.
  • cooling When the cooling surface reached a point somewhat below that of boiling water, the lowest forms of life appeared in the ocean.
  • counseling My lady, spoke Jean le Prince, the youngest man in the fortress, who was appointed to speak for the second squad when their turn came to sit down at the table, we also think Edelwald is right in counseling you not to give up Fort St. John.
  • coupling Now the side rod, or coupling rod, as it may be more properly termed, should be stood on edge and should rest on its ends, because its bearings wherever it will rest when on the engine are at the ends; thus the deflection of the trammel rod will be in the same direction when applied to the work as it was when applied to the engine, and the deflection of the coupling rod will be in the same direction when tried by the trammel as when on the engine.
  • coursing At that moment his run seemed to him to hold an epic quality-the physical aspect of things; the health and strength he felt coursing through him, the delightful exhaustion that he knew would follow so healthily and naturally, seemed the most important things in the world.
  • cowling Produced by Geoffrey Cowling .
  • cuddling "I'm not cold now," said Kitty, cuddling into the fur robes.
  • curdling Apparently for miles we followed thus, the white-robed individual ahead still deaf to all commands and the blood-curdling threats I had now come to uttering.
  • curling When the evening at last arrived, Anna insisted so strongly upon her wearing the delaine, for fear of what might happen, that 'Lena consented, curling her hair with great care, and feeling a momentary thrill of pride as she saw how well she looked.
  • cycling He drove on his sinuous way down the dip by the new mere and up the little rise to the crest of the hill that drops into Kingston Vale; and so remarkable is the psychology of cycling , that he rode all the straighter and easier because the emotions the heathkeeper had aroused relieved his mind of the constant expectation of collapse that had previously unnerved him. To ride a bicycle properly is very like a love affair-chiefly it is a matter of faith.
  • gosling The little one, accustomed to be left to itself for long hours without notice from its mother, squatted down on the sack, and spread its tiny hands towards the blaze, in perfect contentment, gurgling and making many inarticulate communications to the cheerful fire, like a new-hatched gosling beginning to find itself comfortable.
  • guzzling
  • quisling
  • scaling
  • scowling
  • sculling
  • soiling
  • suckling
  • Cackling There was a great stir, sure enough, in the hen-house,-fowls were cackling and screaming with fright, and a curious snapping sound came from one corner.
  • Canceling Burns played for eight matches for Olimpia before canceling his contract during the winter break due to the financial crisis of the club.
  • Coaling Now I will tell you about some of this hard work, and something about two men who made it possible to land the marines and establish a coaling station in Guantanamo Bay. The men were Commander McCalla, of the Marblehead, and Captain Brownson, of the Yankee.
  • Coddling "Do you mean to say that you charge your mind with the coddling of that great big, pink-cheeked boy?" laughed Valerie,
  • Coercing These other Mexican Provinces are now governed by our military and naval commanders under the general authority which is conferred upon a conqueror by the laws of war. They should continue to be held, as a means of coercing Mexico to accede to just terms of peace.
  • Colin Colin had again established himself in the favor of the sheik's wife, and was allowed to have the care of the child; but the little food and drink he received for his attention to it were dearly earned.
  • Collin 16 Biggest Hits (Clint Black album), 2006 16 Biggest Hits (Johnny Cash album), 1999 16 Biggest Hits (Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash album), 2006 16 Biggest Hits (Charlie Daniels album), 2006 16 Biggest Hits (John Denver album), 2006 16 Biggest Hits (Diamond Rio album), 2008 16 Biggest Hits (Merle Haggard album), 1998 16 Biggest Hits (Alan Jackson album), 2007 16 Biggest Hits (Waylon Jennings album), 2005 16 Biggest Hits (George Jones album), 1998 16 Biggest Hits (Lonestar album), 2006 16 Biggest Hits (Patty Loveless album), 2007 16 Biggest Hits (Ronnie Milsap album), 2007 16 Biggest Hits (Willie Nelson album), 1998 16 Biggest Hits (Roy Orbison album), 1999 16 Biggest Hits (Dolly Parton album), 2007 16 Biggest Hits (Collin Raye album), 2002 16 Biggest Hits (Ricky Van Shelton album), 1999 16 Biggest Hits (Keith Whitley album), 2006
  • Culling Vice-Patron: HIS GRACE THE DUKE OF BEAUFORT, K. G. President: F. M. THE MARQUIS OF ANGLESBY, K. G. K. C. B. Chairman: CULLING C. SMITH, Esq. Treasurer: JOHN DEAN PAUL, Esq., 217. Strand.
  • Soling
  • tousling
  • juicing
  • quailing
  • dis-sever

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