What is the correct spelling for COVILE?

If you've mistakenly typed "covile" instead of "civil", don't worry, mistakes happen! To address this spelling error, a few possible suggestions could include "civil", "covert" or "covey". These options stay close phonetically, ensuring a more accurate representation of your intended word.

Correct spellings for COVILE

  • bovine The farmer raised several bovine animals on his farm.
  • cecile
  • chile I had to search for a Chile pepper to add some spice to my recipe.
  • civil The civil war was a devastating time in American history.
  • civile
  • civiles
  • civili The civili society is firmly committed to ensuring that justice is served to victims of human rights abuses.
  • civils I am currently studying civils engineering in school.
  • coiled The snake was coiled up tightly, ready to strike at any moment.
  • compile The team's job is to compile a comprehensive report on the company's financial performance for the past year.
  • cove The little cove was the perfect spot for a romantic picnic.
  • covic
  • docile The docile dog eagerly followed its owner's commands without hesitation.
  • mobile I use my mobile phone to check my emails when I'm away from my computer.
  • motile Bacteria and some protozoans are motile organisms that can move in their environment.
  • movie I love how immersive the experience of watching a movie in a theater is.
  • novice As a novice gardener, he was excited to plant his first vegetables in the backyard.
  • novine
  • ovide
  • ovie
  • ovine The farm had an array of animals including ovine creatures like sheep.
  • toile She decorated her bathroom with a floral toile wallpaper.
  • vile The smell emanating from the garbage was so vile that it made me gag.
  • voile She wore a beautiful white dress made of voile to the beach wedding.