What is the correct spelling for CPL?

For those who mistakenly type "cpl" instead of "clp", fear not! Here are some possible alternatives to consider. You could go for "clip", which refers to a small metal or plastic object used for holding things together. Another option is "CPL", the abbreviation for Color Power Language, a digital imaging term. Remember, double-checking spelling is always helpful!

Correct spellings for CPL

  • Cal Cal was always fascinated by the stars and spent every summer night stargazing.
  • cl
  • col My favorite col in the Swiss Alps is the col du Grand St Bernard.
  • cpa My friend is a certified public accountant, or CPA, and he helps me with my taxes every year.
  • CPD I attended a CPD course last week to improve my professional development.
  • cpi The CPI measures the average change in prices over time for a basket of goods and services.
  • CPL I need to study for my CPL exam so that I can become a commercial pilot.
  • CPO The company's CEO is the CPO.
  • cpr I need CPR!
  • cps The CPS will investigate the incident.
  • CPU A CPU is the heart of your computer.
  • PL