What is the correct spelling for CRAPER?

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Correct spellings for CRAPER

  • cape Above this point of latitude to the North Cape there is virtually no night at all during the brief summer season, as the sun is visible, or nearly so, for the whole twenty-four hours.
  • caper He did not mean to, you know; but when he had done it he thought it a very funny caper , and laughed, and put his hand through the rent, and snatched the comb out of her hair, laughing all the time and jumping almost out of her arms.
  • career The turning-points in our career have often nothing to show that they are turning-points.
  • carper Barcroft W. B. Bowman Thomas C. Carper N. P. Dennison Francis C. Davis James C. Dentz Wm.
  • crape "Oh, momma," Gussie pleaded, "don’t begin to hang crape just when we’re able to enjoy ourselves a little."
  • crapper And ultimately the ten vehicles halted in Crapper Street, to the joy of the simple inhabitants.
  • crappie There are eight genera included within Centrarchidae: Lepomis (Sunfishes), Micropterus (Black basses), Pomoxis (Crappie), Enneacanthus (Banded sunfishes), Centrarchus (Flier), Archoplites (Sacramento perch), Ambloplites (Rock basses), and Acantharchus (Mud sunfish).
  • crater Among them are the Yellowstone, Yosemite, Rainier, and Crater Lake parks.
  • creep It would do her good to go on walking till the time came when she could creep quietly into the house and go up to her room.
  • creeper There was no bridge over it, but only a creeper rope tied across from bank to bank.
  • crepe He had on some fluffy clothes, loosely tied round with a silk-crepe girdle, and wound to it the same old gold chain.
  • cropper As they refresh themselves there is a ceaseless hum of conversation, how so-and-so came a cropper , how another went at the brook in style, or how some poor horse got staked and was mercifully shot.
  • crupper 1. Crupper , strap truss.
  • draper John Randall, the draper , was a fine man.
  • grape On the Boston road and a little farther on is the garden of Ephraim Bull, the originator of the Concord grape and below is Merriam's Corner to which the Minute-men crossed and attacked the British as above mentioned.
  • raper We have the same change of vowel in Raper , for Roper.
  • rapier Walter had drawn his slender rapier -the only weapon he possessed.
  • reaper The mowing machine and the reaper were making their appearance in Great Britain and the United States, but they had not yet reached Upper Canada.
  • scrape "I want to get you out of a nasty scrape , Raymond," I remarked.
  • scraper The old woman took his hand held it toward the Sun and prayed, then laying a finger on a block of wood she severed it with one blow from a knife and deer's horn scraper .
  • scrapper I've fought tooth and nail, myself, for my place at the top, and I like a game scrapper , even if he is on the wrong side.
  • Griper
  • Groper He resolved to watch this groper after secret and forgotten lore, and to trace him to his habitation.
  • Rapper Now, that's a rapper.
  • CARER A day after the Budgets release, the government promised a future inquiry into carer and pensioner payments and asserted that the pensions will increase after a specialised review.
  • crapes The produce of white silk is now very considerable and of great importance in the manufacture of gauzes, crapes , and tulles.

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