What is the correct spelling for CRINK?

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Correct spellings for CRINK

  • brink In the meantime they reached the brink .
  • carina In bats and in pterodactyls also the sternum is produced into a carina along the median line.
  • caring Both he and Dubois made themselves very happy on board, caring apparently very little about being prisoners.
  • clink Take the prisoner to a cell; he is not to go back to the Clink .
  • conk After peace had been re-established on shore, the conk shell was sounded, which is the signal whereby they assemble considerable numbers; and in a very short time, they appeared coming from all parts of the wood round the bay, and were met by those who had been the means of bringing about a reconciliation, with a song of friendship, in which the whole joined, and which was really harmonious and very pleasing: the canoes crowded the bay from different parts of the island, and were as familiar as ever, except that they would not now venture on board, which many had done before this quarrel: every boat brought a green bough, that was conspicuously held up; they also brought many things to barter, and were pleased with such trifles as we had to give them in return.
  • crane The chickens crane their necks down to follow him.
  • crank "There has to be one such crank , it seems," March partially assented.
  • cranky I may as well tell you at once that I am a very severe teacher, and somewhat cranky , too.
  • creak Had a single shoe failed to send forth the proper sound as it struck the hard dry road, had there been a creak or a jingle too many, or too few, those ears would instantly have detected it.
  • creek The man I met in the bar, whom I knew, told me that the friends I was seeking had, a few days previously, moved down creek .
  • crick The potatoes fully occupied him, and as he came to the end of each row he took the opportunity of straightening out the crick in his back, and gazing upon his handiwork with the look of a man who feels he has surely earned his own admiration.
  • cringe He was naturally a coward, and he at once began to cringe .
  • crinkle There is a fine rocky walk along the S. ridge, called Shelter Crags and Crinkle Crags, which descends towards the head of Dunnerdale, but it is extremely unfrequented.
  • crinkly I watched you under my eyelashes-this way-and I wondered whether anyone else ever looked quite so nice even from behind, and, and what it would be like to touch your crinkly hair with one's finger."
  • croak Arline's eyes were wet, and there was a croak in her voice when she cried jubilantly: "Well, ain't that better 'n a sewin' machine-or a piano?"
  • crock I have been a fearful crock since I got home, and I have to lie in bed for six weeks and live on milk diet for eight weeks.
  • crone The old crone , however, only crouched lower, and spreading out her wasted fingers towards the blaze, appeared insensible to everything addressed to her.
  • crony At all events, the Sale of the Work gave Father no Reason to suppose he had made an ill Bargain; but, indeed, he gave himself very little Concern about it; and was quite satisfied when, now and then, Mr. Marvell and Mr. Skinner, or some other old Crony , having waded through it, looked in on him to talk it over.
  • crook Anything was more credible than that He who led His people like sheep did indeed guide them with a common shepherd's crook .
  • drink "Gerry, drink some of this at once.
  • grin He tried a grin .
  • kink Every once in a while an enthusiast writes me of some new and handy kink he is ready to swear by.
  • rank Thou art proud of thy rank and thy youth.
  • rink Skates rang against the ice as the brown-clad forwards spread out across the rink and raced for the opponent's goal.
  • shrink You seemed to shrink away from him and to be ready to fight him if he spoke pleasantly to you.
  • Jink I was the best player of hide-and-seek going; not a good runner, I was up to every shift and dodge, I could jink very well, I could crawl without any noise through leaves, I could hide under a carrot plant, it used to be my favourite boast that I always walked into the den.
  • curing 12,476. Or when the wife is engaged in curing ?
  • Coring
  • Corina
  • Corine
  • cranks Other societies, which shall be nameless, have gone under because they've appealed only to cranks .
  • crack Crack went the whip, and we rolled away towards the gate.

11 words made from the letters CRINK

  • 3 letter words made from CRINK:

    ink, irk, kin, nrc.
  • 4 letter words made from CRINK:

    kirn, krin, nick, nikc, rick, rink.
  • 5 letter words made from CRINK: