What is the correct spelling for CSS?

If you've ever struggled to spell "css", don't worry, you're not alone. Common misspellings include "ccs" and "csc". To ensure accurate spelling, a helpful tip is to remind yourself that "css" stands for Cascading Style Sheets. Familiarize yourself with this term and you'll never misspell "css" again!

Correct spellings for CSS

  • CBS CBS is a major television broadcasting network in the United States.
  • cns The CNS is responsible for coordinating and processing sensory information.
  • cos Cos I'm the boss.
  • cps The CPS can help to protect children from abuse.
  • cs
  • cst I can't believe she saw me coming; she's such a cst.
  • cuss
  • ss
  • SSS Please send your assignment to SSS.
  • USS The USS Fitzgerald collided with a cargo vessel in Tokyo Bay.