What is the correct spelling for CTABLED?

If you find yourself typing "ctabled" instead of the correct spelling, here are some suggestions to consider: "tabled", "cabled" or "stabbed". While "tabled" refers to postponing or putting an issue aside, "cabled" refers to sending a cablegram and "stabbed" means to pierce or thrust.

Correct spellings for CTABLED

  • Cabled I cabled my boss asking for permission to take a day off.
  • Cobbled The narrow alley was cobbled with uneven stones that made walking difficult.
  • gabled The gabled roof of the old Victorian house added both charm and height to its overall design.
  • Stabled The horses were stabled at night to protect them from the cold weather.
  • tabled The decision on the new policy was tabled until the next board meeting.
  • tablet I always carry a tablet with me when I go on long flights.