What is the correct spelling for CTACHES?

If you meant to write "ctaches" but actually misspelled it, there are several possible correct suggestions. One of them could be "catches", which refers to the act of grasping or intercepting something. Another option could be "patches", which are materials used to cover or mend something.

Correct spellings for CTACHES

  • attaches It attaches to the wall with a wire.
  • caches The internet browser stores website data in caches to speed up subsequent visits to the site.
  • cachets I couldn't find my cachets, they must have fallen out of my pocket.
  • cashes The convenience store owner cashes customers' checks for a small fee.
  • catches The fisherman catches a lot of fish every day.
  • coaches The coaches trained the athletes rigorously for the upcoming competition.
  • couches All of the couches in the living room were covered with colorful throw pillows.
  • detaches She detaches herself from the negativity of those around her.
  • starches The food was very bland without any starches to help give it flavor.
  • teaches My mother teaches Spanish at the local university.

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