What is the correct spelling for CTC?

If you've misspelled "ctc" and are looking for correct suggestions, be sure to try "cat", "cut" or "cot". These simple words are often mistakenly typed as "ctc" due to proximity on the keyboard. Don't worry; it's a common mistake that can easily be rectified!

Correct spellings for CTC

  • cbc The CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) is a national public broadcaster in Canada.
  • cc I sent a copy of the memo to my boss and cc'd my coworker.
  • CDC The CDC has issued guidelines for social distancing to help slow the spread of COVID-19.
  • cfc
  • ct The doctor ordered a CT scan to investigate the cause of the patient's headaches.
  • CTN She took a CTN from her suitcase.
  • CTR "The goal of our digital advertising campaign is to increase our CTR by optimizing our ad copy and targeting."
  • FTC The FTC investigated and fined the company for deceptive advertising practices.
  • otc I bought some otc medicine for my headache.
  • tc Their schedule called for a meeting at TC's restaurant at seven o'clock.