What is the correct spelling for CUDDELED?

If you found yourself typing "cuddeled" instead of "cuddled", worry not, for misspellings happen to the best of us. Here are some correct suggestions to remedy this error: "cuddled", "cuddle", "cuddles" or "cuddling". Let's embrace the right spelling and keep those cuddle sessions typo-free!

Correct spellings for CUDDELED

  • coddled My parents always coddled me when I got sick.
  • cuddle After a long day at work, all I want to do is cuddle up with my pets and watch a movie.
  • Cuddled As they watched a movie together, the couple cuddled affectionately on the couch.
  • cuddles I love spending my Sunday mornings in bed with my cat, giving her cuddles.
  • Cudgeled The angry mob cudgeled the thief with sticks and stones.
  • Cudgelled The angry mob cudgelled the accused thief before the police arrived.
  • curdled The milk had curdled and the sour smell made me want to gag.
  • fuddled After consuming too much wine, he felt fuddled and unable to make rational decisions.
  • huddled The group huddled together for warmth in the middle of the snowstorm.
  • muddled After reading the complicated instructions, my mind became muddled and I forgot how to operate the machine.
  • Puddled After the rain stopped, the parking lot was puddled with water.

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