What is the correct spelling for CUDDELY?

If you're trying to spell the word "cuddly" correctly, here are a few suggestions. Double-check the spelling, as you might have typed "cuddely" by mistake. Another way could be "cuddlie" or "cuddlly". Remember, spellcheck tools can also help identify the correct spelling.

Correct spellings for CUDDELY

  • crudely The crudely drawn mural was not tasteful at all.
  • cuddle After his performance, he wanted to cuddle with his girlfriend.
  • cuddly My bear is so cuddly, I can't resist hugging him everytime I see him.
  • cudgel The man threatened to use his cudgel if the criminal did not surrender.
  • cutely The little girl smiled cutely as she held up her drawing for her parents to see.
  • rudely She was rudely interrupted by her grandma.