What is the correct spelling for CUSTY?

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Correct spellings for CUSTY

  • busty Busty" Ashbaugh, Sr.
  • cast And yet he had set his life on the cast ; what more could he have done?
  • caste The little girl's determination to cultivate the acquaintance, begun out of the window during a rainy day, triumphs over the barriers of caste , and the little blind girl proves to be in every way a worthy companion.
  • city In the city it is all different.
  • coast Our camels are nearly all coast -camels, we shall soon have to speak of the maharee.
  • cost How much does that cost you?
  • costly Books were few and costly .
  • crust When there is a crust on the snow and a good wind, the conditions are almost perfect.
  • crusty They're the real crusty stuff, after all, them Back Bay plutes.
  • cst The CSTO grew out of the framework of the Commonwealth of Independent States, and first began as the CIS Collective Security Treaty (CST) which was signed on 15 May 1992, by Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russian Federation, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, i
  • curt Merryon's voice fell curt and direct.
  • curtsy Audrey, with a little catch of her breath, returned the curtsy .
  • cuss I'd like to see any two-laigged cuss get my guns If I didn't want him to!
  • custer Custer, I believe, is, in his own way, very kind to her.
  • custody No court in England would give you their custody .
  • custom "We've been drawing quite a bit of custom to the tap-room.
  • cut Driscoll's first words cut short the make-believe.
  • cute Poor little thing, it looked so cute in its crib.
  • dusty She came with slow step into the dusty street.
  • fusty She stood in the unaired, dark ante-room with its fusty smell, and knocked with a faltering hand at the studio door.
  • guest Peter's smile was cordial enough at the forcefulness of his young guest .
  • gust It is with such frail instruments that prankish fate delights to work, and, although he never suspected it, the luxury of yielding to that sudden gust of passion cost Folsom dear.
  • gusto He permitted his female admirers to knit him stockings and comforters, and make him dainty puddings and other delicacies, which he devoured with huge gusto .
  • gusty But, unfortunately, Barrington, who was a man of quick and gusty temper, had been nettled by an incautious expression of Marsham's with regard to the famous article in his Dunscombe speech-"if I had had any intention whatever of dealing a dishonorable blow at my old friend and leader, I could have done it a good deal more effectively, I can assure you; I should not have put what I had to say in a form so confused and contradictory."
  • gutsy A cult hero with the Bramall Lane fans Booker endeared himself with his gutsy performances and genuine affection for the club and its fans who he would happily spend hours chatting with.
  • joust And when either had a sight of other, they made them ready for to joust , and they came together eagerly, and Malgrin brised his spear upon Alisander, and Alisander smote him again so hard that he bare him quite from his saddle to the earth.
  • just We shall find to our joy that this obscure-sounding Dithyramb, though before Aristotle's time it had taken literary form, was in origin a festival closely akin to those we have just been discussing.
  • justly To Knox the mass is the symbol of all that he justly detested in the degraded Church as she then was in Scotland, "that horrible harlot with her filthiness."
  • lusty Mrs. Middleton scolded the blacks, and Uncle Joshua scolded Mrs. Middleton, at the same time walking mechanically from the kitchen to the parlor, from the parlor to Fanny's sick room and from Fanny's sick room back to the kitchen, occasionally kicking from his path some luckless kitten, dog or black baby, which latter set up most lusty yells, just to vary the scene.
  • musty What a light the bright child seemed to have left in the musty room!
  • quest Don't let's be hampered in the beginning of our quest by social littleness.
  • rusty Yes, that is it; quite rusty ."
  • sty "Without you, my dear, I should live like a pig in a sty and revel in it," chuckled the artist.
  • cuts After that neither of us dared help her to any short cuts .
  • enciphering He describes the encryption step as follows:We start by writing vertically under each letter, the numerical trigram that corresponds to it in the enciphering alphabet: then proceeding horizontally as if the numbers were written on a single line, we take groups of three numbers, look them up in the deciphering alphabet, and write the result under each column.

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