What is the correct spelling for CUZZ?

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Correct spellings for CUZZ

  • buzz The buzz of the bees was loud as they pollinated the flowers.
  • cozy The cabin in the woods was so cozy with the warm fire and soft blankets.
  • Cruz I love Rubio, but I have to pick Cruz.
  • cu It was cold outside; Cu felt the chill in his bones.
  • cub I saw a baby cub hidden in the bushes.
  • cuba It is said that until recently, Cuba was the largest cigar producer in the world.
  • cube The Rubik's cube has been a classic puzzle game for over four decades.
  • CUBS The Cubs are in the playoffs.
  • cud She picked up a cigar but decided against it,sucking on the cud for a moment.
  • CUDS The teacher handed out CUDS to the students.
  • cue The cue ball was sitting in front of the black ball.
  • CUED She cued him to leave by throwing a shoe at his head.
  • Cues She picked up on his subtle cues and knew immediately that something was wrong.
  • cuff The police officer gently removed the handcuffs from the suspect's wrist, leaving only the loose cuff as a reminder of their arrest.
  • cull We are going to have to cull our herd of cows.
  • CUMS
  • cup He poured himself a cup of coffee before sitting down to read the paper.
  • cups I need to buy more paper cups for the party.
  • cur The man was angry with his neighbor's cur for barking all night.
  • curb It's time to curb your spending.
  • curd I prefer to eat fruit curd on toast instead of jelly.
  • cure It was a cure for the common cold.
  • curl After straightening my hair, I add a few curls to the ends for some volume.
  • CURS He was late for his curs.
  • curt I am curt in my responses.
  • cusp I needed to uncouple the cusp from the tongue.
  • cuss I don't appreciate it when you cuss in front of my grandparents.
  • cut The butcher used a sharp knife to cut the meat into thin slices.
  • cute My little niece is so cute when she laughs.
  • cuts It's time to make some cuts.
  • cuzco I visited the ancient Incan ruins in Cuzco during my trip to Peru.
  • CZ I always forget the CZ when I'm looking for my keys.
  • fizz The soda pop made a loud fizz sound when I opened it.
  • fuzz After washing my sweater, it became covered in fuzz.
  • fuzzy I'm having a hard time getting my thinking around fuzzy concepts.
  • jazz The jazz band played a lively tune that had everyone tapping their feet.
  • Luz Luz is a Spanish noun that means "light".
  • muzzy I'm feeling a bit muzzy.
  • ouzo I drank ouzo for breakfast.
  • quiz I have a history quiz tomorrow that I need to study for.
  • razz I like to razz my friends about their favorite sports team losing.
  • scuzzy The carpet could use a good vacuuming, but it looks like it will have to wait until after the scuzzy kids
  • suez The Suez Canal connects the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea, and is a key shipping route.
  • Suzy Suzy likes to dance to K-pop music in her room.
  • uzi I need a sharp blade to slice the uzi.
  • ZZZ IZZZ is for the lazy zzz's.

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