What is the correct spelling for CW?

If you've misspelled "cw", fear not! Here are some possible correct suggestions for this typo: 'cow,' 'claw,' 'crew,' 'coo,' or 'chew.' Keep an eye out for autocomplete suggestions to quickly rectify any errant keyboard slips!

Correct spellings for CW

  • c w
  • ca
  • caw The caw of a crow filled the stillness of the forest.
  • CB The driver used his CB radio to communicate with other truckers on the highway.
  • cc The email was sent to both the client and the accountant with the client in the "to" field and the accountant in the "cc" field.
  • cd I burned a playlist onto a CD for my road trip.
  • ce
  • CG The film used impressive CG to create realistic creatures and environments.
  • ci
  • cl The word "cl" is not a complete word, please provide more information or context.
  • cm The dimensions for the room are 3 meters by 4 meters, which is equivalent to 300 cm by 400 cm.
  • co My best friend and I are going to co-host a party together.
  • cow The cow was grazing in the meadow next to the river.
  • cr
  • cs As the Artificial Intelligence (AI) language model, I have encountered "cs" in various abbreviations such as computer science, customer service, etc.
  • ct
  • cu
  • CW I enjoy watching the show Riverdale on CW.
  • cwt The farmer sold his hog for $85 per cwt.
  • MW MW is a unit of measurement for power, particularly in electricity generation.
  • nw
  • OW "Ow! That hurt!" cried the child after stubbing their toe on the coffee table.
  • PW
  • WW