What is the correct spelling for CWS?

If you've mistakenly typed "cws" and you're wondering what the correct suggestions could be, here are a couple of possibilities. It might be "cow", referring to the popular farm animal. Alternatively, it could be "news", meaning the updates and information about current events.

Correct spellings for CWS

  • caws The caws of the raven echoed through the forest, sending shivers down my spine.
  • CBS The CBS network was founded in 1927.
  • cns The CNS is responsible for processing and coordinating all sensory inputs and motor outputs.
  • cos
  • cows The cows grazed in the meadow, enjoying the sunshine and fresh grass.
  • cps The CPS was very interested in our case.
  • cs
  • CW
  • cwt The farmer weighed the grain in cwt before selling it to the distributor.