What is the correct spelling for D'IVOIRE?

This word (D'ivoire) may be misspelled. Below you can find the suggested words which we believe are the correct spellings for what you were searching for. If you click on the links, you can find more information about these words.

Correct spellings for D'IVOIRE

  • desire Desire the gentleman to walk into one of the parlours.
  • device "Malone," Burris said, his voice filled with Devotion To One's Country In The Face Of Great Obstacles, "Malone, I want you to find that device !"
  • devise I could hear the old man breathing heavily beside me as I leaned there in the dark, and sought to devise a means by which that paper might be obtained.
  • devoid "Are you so utterly devoid of imagination?
  • devote Travelling was fairly easy, the snow being in splendid condition, and as there was no danger to be guarded against we were able to devote the whole of our attention to the scenery.
  • devour Then she was kissed and stroked with such heartfelt, pitying tenderness that she felt touched, and when left alone in the dark began to be afraid of something, as if an avenging fate crouched at the foot of her bed ready to spring on her and devour her.
  • devoured I'm devoured by nerves, I suppose!
  • dire This was going to be a fight and he knew it, a dire conflict between distress and pride.
  • dive Mergansers dive with their wings against their sides, like a folded umbrella.
  • diver On the shores a number of birds were feeding, including pelicans, with their huge bills, the diver , with its long arched neck, herons, gulls, eagles, and snow-white cranes, with ducks and other small aquatic flocks.
  • diverge Looking northward from this place it appeared as if we were entering a large bay, and we did not know whether we should be obliged to diverge from our course and keep outside a point which we saw, or should find a passage between this and the mainland.
  • divers The Plymouth settlers "found divers corn fields and little running brooks, a place ...
  • diverse Regarding man as a complex being, they seek to meet him at every point of his constitution, and therefore to bring messages suitable for each, teachings adequate to the most diverse human needs.
  • divert It is with difficulty that I can at some few intervals divert my thoughts from the gloom which my own situation, the distress of my family, and the danger of a youth so dear to virtue contribute to inspire.
  • divide In clearing myself of these heavy charges, I shall divide my evidence into two parts-negative and positive.
  • divider On normally 2-lane roads without a divider , the climbing lane effectively creates a bi-directional central passing lane of the original uphill running lane.
  • divine "By what right, human or divine , do you thus question me, lost, unhappy boy?
  • diviner The Khasi word for consulting the omens is khan, and a diviner is called a nongkhan.
  • diving Or it may be that, far behind our own lines, you see a plane diving to earth at an angle which makes you wonder whether it is falling or being steered.
  • divorce "A divorce is a jump in the dark," said another.
  • divorcee
  • divot
  • ivory

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