What is the correct spelling for D0D?

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Correct spellings for D0D

  • add When it begins to smoke, add two tablespoonfuls of hot water.
  • cd Spring/Summer: CD Travadores won their first of two colonials title for the Cape Verdean Football Championships
  • da The Duke of Urbino here depicted is Federigo da Montefeltro, who ruled from 1444 to 1482, and in 1459 married as his second wife a da ughter of Alessandro Sforza, of Pesaro, the wedding being the occasion of Piero's pictures.
  • dad I was up at the station when the train came in, and she came off, with her mother and dad , I guess they were."
  • dd Brazilian funnel-eared bat, Natalus macrourus LC Family: Molossidae Genus: Cynomops Cinnamon dog-faced bat, Cynomops abrasus DD Greenhalls dog-faced bat, Cynomops greenhalli Millers dog-faced bat, Cynomops milleri Para dog-faced bat, Cynomops paranus DD Southern dog-faced bat, Cynomops planirostris LC Genus: Eumops Black bonneted bat, Eumops auripendulus LC Dwarf bonneted bat, Eumops bonariensis LC Eumops delticus Wagners bonneted bat, Eumops glaucinus LC Sanborns bonneted bat, Eumops hansae LC Guianan bonneted bat, Eumops maurus LC Patagonian bonneted bat, Eumops patagonicus LC Western bonneted bat, Eumops perotis LC Colombian bonneted bat, Eumops trumbulli LC Genus: Molossops Rufous dog-faced bat, Molossops neglectus DD Dwarf dog-faced bat, Molossops temminckii LC Genus: Molossus Aztec mastiff bat, Molossus aztecus Coiba mastiff bat, Molossus coibensis Bonda mastiff bat, Molossus currentium Velvety free-tailed bat, Molossus molossus LC Millers mastiff bat, Molossus pretiosus Black mastiff bat, Molossus rufus LC Genus: Neoplatymops Mato Grosso dog-faced bat, Neoplatymops mattogrossensis LC Genus: Nyctinomops Peales free-tailed bat, Nyctinomops aurispinosus LC Broad-eared bat, Nyctinomops laticaudatus LC Big free-tailed bat, Nyctinomops macrotis LC Genus: Promops Big crested mastiff bat, Promops centralis LC Brown mastiff bat, Promops nasutus LC Genus: Tadarida Brazilian free-tailed bat, Tadarida brasiliensis LC Family: Vespertilionidae Genus: Eptesicus Little black serotine, Eptesicu andinus Brazilian brown bat, Eptesicus brasiliensis LC Chiriquinan serotine, Eptesicus chiriquinus Diminutive serotine, Eptesicus diminutus DD Argentine brown bat, Eptesicus furinalis LC Taddei serotine, Eptesicus taddeii Genus: Histiotus Strange big-eared brown bat, Histiotus alienus DD Thomass big-eared brown bat, Histiotus laephotis DD Small big-eared brown bat, Histiotus montanus DD Tropical big-eared brown bat, Histiotus velatus DD Genus: Lasiurus Desert red bat, Lasiurus blossevillii LC Tacarcuna bat, Lasiurus castaneus Hoary bat, Lasiurus cinereus LC Hairy-tailed bat, Lasiurus ebenus DD Southern yellow bat, Lasiurus ega LC Big red bat, Lasiurus egregius DD Lasiurus salinae Genus: Rhogeessa Hussons yellow bat, Rhogeessa hussoni LC Thomass yellow bat, Rhogeessa io LC Genus: Myotis Silver-tipped myotis, Myotis albescens LC Myotis dinellii Izecksohns myotis, Myotis izecksohni LaVals myotis, Myotis lavali Yellowish myotis, Myotis levis LC Black myotis, Myotis nigricans LR/lc Riparian myotis, Myotis riparius LC Red myotis, Myotis ruber NT Velvety myotis, Myotis simus DD
  • dds
  • ddt
  • de
  • dj
  • dmd
  • dod
  • dp
  • dud
  • dy Ain't you willin' to pay me a few plunks if I dy -vulge to you the most startlin' phenomena that has ever electrified civilization sense the era of P.T. Barnum!
  • ed
  • gd
  • i'd
  • md
  • nd
  • odd
  • pd
  • sd
  • D I present, and then withdrew; and they sent two hours at least afterwards about it, and at last rose; and to my great content, the D uke of York, at coming out, told me that it was carried for D . Gawden at 6d.
  • Did
  • DVD
  • Du
  • DC Diplomatic representation in the US: chief of mission: Ambassador Claudia FRITSCHE chancery: 1300 Eye Street NW, Suite 550W, Washington, DC 20005 telephone: [1] (202) 216-0460 FAX: [1] (202) 216-0459
  • FD
  • DO
  • DH
  • TDD
  • JD
  • YD
  • ID
  • unamazing
  • abbes