What is the correct spelling for DAAGIO?

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Correct spellings for DAAGIO

  • adagio In that adagio -well, I played it to you once, like the cheeky little duffer I was, and felt pleased as Punch with myself, and no end cocked up because you liked it.
  • dash The clock on the dash read eleven- fifteen; she was fifteen minutes ahead of the appointed hour.
  • days I had not laughed for many days .
  • decay The plants are fleshy and decay easily.
  • deck Charmian and Claude had been snapshotted on the deck of the ship by a little army of journalists.
  • deeds My Book of Noble Deeds .
  • desk The General smiled as he left Mr. Farnham's desk , and on his way out of the store, he stopped to speak to Pat.
  • dice Did he ask me for five hundred pounds,-which he did,-I gave it freely, and would gladly have given more, tho' I saw it all wasted in a night when the dice rolled against him.
  • dig The guards watched his terror for a moment, watched while he clung close to the ground, trying to dig his fingers into it.
  • disc A cloud of yellow dust soon hid them, and turning away his head, happening to glance upward, Jack saw, just disappearing in a thin white cloud, the golden disc of Le Papillon's balloon!
  • discuss I cannot discuss it with you.
  • disease "A desperate disease ," thought Orpin, "requires a desperate remedy.
  • dish Sprinkle with crumbs and grated cheese, bake until brown, and serve in the same dish .
  • disk I looked up from the disk , feeling Correy's eyes upon me.
  • ditch The wet sand rippled and glistened in the bottom of the ditch , but no water was to be seen.
  • dizzy I think I'll want to go round and round the world till I'm dizzy .
  • doc I'd have got him, too, if it hadn't been for Doc Pinphoodle.
  • dock We are in the Hooghly and shall be in Kidderpore Dock to-morrow morning early.
  • dog Death of a Little Dog , On the.
  • dose "No human being, I thought, could keep his senses after that dose I put in his coffee.
  • dough As a result, the dough will not dry on the top and the loaves when baked will be much more uniform.
  • duck "You're a duck , Mother," and Helen ran out of the room, smiling, though with a feeling that she did not quite understand it all.
  • dug The gold was not only dug up, but also obtained by washing, as the rivers and streams brought down sands of gold.
  • duke On the sight of her the Duke left me and ran forward.
  • dutch Then the Dutch reserve came into action and the battle rolled back to the low ground, where the result was decided face to face and man to man.
  • Does Then tell me what he does.
  • Diseases Most material and vital of these influences are the common diseases of children, for they strike directly at the glands of internal secretion.
  • dogs We cut the fleetest dogs loose from each team.
  • dots Leaves, many serrate lobules with white dots on the ends.
  • ducks My first experience with ducks commenced more than forty years ago.
  • deaths In that month there were 9 cases and 2 deaths ; in May, 33 cases and 8 deaths , of which 21 cases and 2 deaths were among employees of the Commission.
  • dates Now, these dates would vary greatly in different localities, but they show, clearer than a mere assertion, that about that time there is a movement in nature.
  • doses The Vizier submitting our petition to Lootzee, he gave orders to admit the merchant from Bagdad, and in short, after taking sundry doses of the medicine, the fever left him, and he was restored to his usual health.
  • discusses William Morris, for instance, discusses the proper shape for the dot of the i; and even the size of the dot and its place above the letter are matters on which men hold warring opinions.
  • desks He was just folding it up when Tom Holt observed that it was a pity not to put some words into the mouths of the figures, to make them more animated; and he showed Hugh, by the curious carvings of their desks , how to put words into the mouths of figures.
  • dishes There is, of course, the informal supper, at which the dishes are all placed on a table together, as for a supper at a large ball.
  • disks But to my dismay I found the little battery disks had been torn from the earflaps of my helmet, though my chest-disk transmitter was still in place, and so far as I could see, in working order.

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