What is the correct spelling for DADAX?

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Correct spellings for DADAX

  • addax The Addax is a large, heavily-formed antelope, with spiral horns and ox-like appearance, inhabiting the greater part of the Central African region.
  • dash Then his patience would vanish in impatience, and he would dash ahead, eager to catch up with the shy stranger. Getting high, dipping bye, just might crash That's when I'm high I dip and dash – We About to Get Fucc Up by tha dogg pound
  • days Always, in the days to come, he remembered her face as it had looked on him that night. My love for you is filling up my days You know you shine on me in oh, so many ways – You Mean More To Me by Michael Bolton
  • decay With the destruction of the houses came also the decay of the port which no ships could enter. Whilst mine, like Transitory Flowers, decay, That come to deck thy Tomb a short-liv'd Day. – On the Death of E. Waller, Esq. by Arphra Behn
  • deck He looked quite pale in the light of the lamp after the red dusk of the warm evening on deck . Flashing Heat Ray hits the deck Dashing hopes for our deliverance As we watched the sinking wreck with the smoke of battle clearing – War Of The Worlds (Part 2) by Jeff Wayne
  • deeds The girls and boys in the parish, and the prettiest girl in all the parish was to play Good Deeds . It must be said we have dark evil breeds, Who plague mankind with their mischievous deeds, – The Middle Kingdom by cruachan
  • desk The clerk behind the desk put his fingers on his lips.
  • dice Have you the needful dice ?
  • dig For some of his houses that like to make a big showing at little expense, he must dig up new big acts like ours, which are breaking-in.
  • disc Even that far inland a sea mist was creeping up from beyond the distant downs, partially blotting the fast setting sun into a blood red disc .
  • discuss But I won't go to your uncle to discuss my mother's purpose, Elizabeth.
  • disease Disease, the Enemy, was crushed.
  • dish The meal was done at last, and he sat with a great dish of tea beside him, and his pipe alight.
  • disk This dowel rod is so located that when the edge of the carriage C is tight against the edge of the stop D, the distance from the center of the dowel rod to the face of the abrasive material on the disk , will be equal to the radius of the finished wheel.
  • ditch Neither hedge nor ditch divided their lands, but these lords never had a quarrel.
  • dizzy The girl got up and backed toward the wall, gasping and dizzy .
  • doc Doc was too bright a man to have left home without a reason.
  • dock I locked up agin, and 'ad another look at the dock .
  • dog It is a case of dog eat dog !
  • dose Well my man said the good natured earl what I say is what dose it matter we cant all be of the Blood royal can we.
  • dough Do not allow the dough to rise too high, for then the bread will have large holes in it.
  • duck Almost afraid to move, the child crept closer and closer, until she saw a duck with a broken wing hanging useless by its side.
  • dug As the ground was soft it was soon dug .
  • duke Perhaps it is his mother, or perhaps it is the Queen of Naples, who made a Duke of him for what he did out there.
  • dutch But there are strong reasons for believing that this dark deed owed its origin in part to the influence of the Spaniards and Dutch , who looked with much distrust upon the growth of the rival establishment.
  • Does "And what does she want?
  • Diseases Pratt's patients were profoundly uninteresting to Pilgrim: their very diseases were despicable, and he would hardly have thought their bodies worth dissecting.
  • dogs Inside we could see half a dozen dogs and a horse.
  • dots Her dress was of soft material, blue with pretty little flowers and dots all over it.
  • ducks Shesh'ebwug, ducks ; pieces in the Game of the Bowl.
  • deaths Any white woman on earth would die a thousand deaths and burn for a million years afterward rather than love you!
  • dates At the end of the three weeks, and on consulting your dates and plans, I found out that you would probably have quitted Rome before any letter of mine arrived there.
  • doses The parallel is the more striking since it has long been known with regard to animal tissues that the same drug, administered in large or small doses , might have opposite effects, and in preceding chapters we have seen that the same statement holds good of plants and metals also.
  • discusses It discusses an important question calmly, clearly, forcibly.
  • desks Caulaincourt and Berthier sat at their desks , writing.
  • dishes Two alan secure the drops of blood and place them in dishes .
  • disks With the above arrangement of the disks the solution is as below: Move G.c.

6 words made from the letters DADAX

  • 3 letter words made from DADAX:

    ada, add, dad.
  • 4 letter words made from DADAX:

    adad, dada.
  • 5 letter words made from DADAX: