What is the correct spelling for DAGUHTER?

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Correct spellings for DAGUHTER

  • cater The Government tried to cater to the labor parties, brought forward plans for an income tax and for old-age pensions, and carried through a law making compulsory one day of rest out of seven for workingmen.
  • dagger Tug replied, waving a kitchen fork in the air like a dagger .
  • daguerre If Shakespeare was an inspired man, so was Newton, so was Columbus, so was Lord Bacon, so was Faust when he discovered printing, Watt when he improved the steam engine, and Daguerre when he found out photographic pictures; for, in all great discoveries and inventions, and in small ones too, the original idea is an inspiration, though it has to be worked out mechanically by hard thinking.
  • darter Who but his darter .
  • daughter Last time Miss Oglander had stayed at Rede Place, she had been almost daughter to Richard Maule, almost wife to Dick Wantele.
  • deter Nevertheless, these considerations shall not deter the Poet- But what of that?
  • doubter I am a doubter .
  • doughty The oriole is a timid bird and is glad to rear up its family under the aegis of so doughty a warrior as the Black Prince of the Birds.
  • duct Such matter of regulation could be solved by having a duct in the main air passage, through which cool air could be admitted in such proportion as to modify the temperature of the hot air.
  • dugout It is a dugout , and, as its name implies, is built half in the ground.
  • duster Bettie, who had been dusting the parlor, pushed the chairs into place, threw her duster into the dining-room and ran to the door.
  • gaiter Washington in an order of July 24, 1776, said: "The general, sensible of the difficulty and expense of providing clothes of almost any kind for the troops, feels an unwillingness to recommend, much more to order any kind of uniform; but as it is absolutely necessary that men should have clothes and appear decent and tight, he earnestly encourages the use of hunting shirts with long breeches made of the same cloth, gaiter fashion about the legs to all those yet unprovided."
  • garter In his hand is the wand of office as Chamberlain, and he is decorated with the collar and badge of the Garter .
  • goddaughter About madame's not choosing that la Peyrade should marry her goddaughter ; and out of spite, to prevent the marriage, she refused to give anything in the contract.
  • gutter Just now when I watched an old cork which had fallen into the gutter , and which lashed by the rain was helplessly whirling about in the dirty puddle, the thought struck me that this cork was my own brain which had stolen from out my heated skull, and was now taking a shower bath.
  • tater And then as if there was a special powerful blessin' on it all, who should come down Riversford High Street but one of the best cooks as ever took a job, a Scotch body worth her weight in gold, and she'd be a pretty big parcel to weigh, too, but she can send up a dinner for one as easy as for thirty, which is as good a test as boilin' a tater --and 'as got all her wits about her.
  • taught Jesus therefore said, When ye have lifted up the Son of man, then shall ye know that I am He, and that I do nothing of Myself, but as the Father taught Me, I speak these things.
  • Caught Mignon had caught the ball.
  • Dater Man, I have dis purse of gold, half of it for ye; Woman, I hab ne'er a wife in Ken-tuck-y; Your dater is my only lub, so pridee let us go To where my corn is ripening on de O-hi-o.
  • Doter
  • Gutted Even though I packed the house and the floor was flooded, dudes got nipped turf whores got gutted, – Operation Takeover by Playalitical
  • Taunter The taunter screamed in astonishment, and after looking vainly for an assailant, began necessarily to remove his coat.
  • Tighter And he tries to squeal, but I squeeze him tighter: "Now," I say, "I can kill you fine; But tell me first, you Teutonic blighter! Have you any children?" He answers: "Nein." – Over The Parapet by Robert W. Service
  • Gautier Men like Gautier and Swinburne, who were the most ardent champions of the theory of art for art's sake, found themselves in a peculiarly inconsistent predicament by being the greatest admirers of Victor Hugo, much of whose work was written with humanitarian motives.
  • tauter
  • gaudier
  • cuter
  • doughier
  • doughtier
  • Daugherty Illustrated by Harry Daugherty .
  • afroamerican

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