What is the correct spelling for DAHNE?

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Correct spellings for DAHNE

  • dana "The poetry of this excellent author," says Dana , "is good, but the facts nearly all errors-if literature allows of such an incongruity."
  • dance Don't dance , but say yes or no."
  • dane Very ancient is the name, numbering among its early patriarchs such grand old heroes as Manfred the Dane , and "Brave Galfred, who to Normandy With vent'rous Rollo came; And from his Norman Castles won, Assumed the Percy name."
  • dank It seemed to her as if the morning would never come, and the first herald of its approach was a dank , chilling breath that came to her laden with the mist of the river; and as she sat and shivered she felt that her clothes were saturated with the heavy dew, and longed now for the coming of the sun with its warm, inspiring beams and hopeful light.
  • dante Then Mistress Davies tooke the Word from her Father and beganne to talke to Mr. Milton of Tasso, and Dante , and Boiardo, and Ariosto; and then Doctor Davies and I were silent.
  • daphne Or did Daphne herself take this way on the day of her flight, so that when they came to draught the town, they recognized that it was Daphne Street, and so were spared the trouble of naming it?
  • darn "Why, darn my eyes," said Mr. Kybird, who had been regarding him closely; "darn my old eyes, if it ain't young Nugent.
  • darned And then he admired Charmian and thought her "darned cute."
  • dawn They talked until dawn .
  • dean "Not a little bit," said the Dean .
  • den While examining the den of a bank beaver last summer another theory suggested itself.
  • diana Looking down into a courtyard which contained, amid much rank vegetation, an empty marble basin surmounted by a one-legged Diana with a broken bow, and a motor car with only three wheels and no engine, Mr. Spokesly leaned out to watch the moon setting over the dark masses of the neighbouring roofs.
  • din From above, like a continuous rattle of shrapnel, came the din and clatter of the linotypes.
  • dine Is that where we dine ?
  • diner Particularly has the soup-spoon its Scylla and Charybdis, and if a careless eater make a hissing sound as he eats his soup, the well-bred diner -out looks round with dismay.
  • dna A mash of DNA Another poppin' Jay who thinks he's got something to say – This Is The Place by red hot chili peppers
  • don All this time you've been telling that you was a don I tried to warn you girl you wouldn't listen Now let's get it on – Doin It by LL Cool J
  • done
  • donne Tout est perdu qu'on donne au fol.
  • dun Before mi do dat mi woulda prefer job dun Nah mek dem scrape nuh pot nuh bun bun – Making Money by elephant man
  • dune
  • tan The tan of de Courcelles' face could not keep a momentary flush from breaking through, but he kept his presence of mind.
  • taney
  • thane
  • Dan "That's the way we raise tin and copper," said Captain Dan ; "now, doctor, we had better return, if you would not be left in darkness, for our candles are getting low."
  • Dang Well, dang my old sides, next year I thought I'd call again and get three.
  • Darner Miss Darner Dawson is chief of the London woman "bobbies," and M.S. Allen is chief superintendent.
  • Dawned
  • Duane
  • Dwayne
  • Shane
  • Danae That which emanates from the following dilemma: Either Danae is obliged to hide from Jupiter-or, rather, from Maecenas-her intimacy with you-and you are only a lover who simply loves her-or else Maecenas is an epicurean who has no objection to share his fortune philosophically; so that ostensibly you sit at the feast without paying the cost-which is worse yet.
  • Dannie
  • Danny
  • Daren
  • Dunne
  • Deana
  • Deann
  • Diann
  • Deanne
  • Diane
  • Dianne
  • Taine The latter case has been well described by Taine .
  • DANES His own men, and Hrothgar, and a great company of Danes went with him when he set out to trace the blood-stained tracks of the Grendel's mother.

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