What is the correct spelling for DALLAX?

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Correct spellings for DALLAX

  • Alex Better send him out with a convoy going to Alex.
  • all or nothing
  • all out
  • all over but shouting
  • all over map
  • am guard
  • am guest
  • am stricken with
  • being knee deep in
  • belly-flops
  • below ground
  • besmirchings
  • bombest
  • calyx I love to see the little warm, plump body in its fine white linen emerge rose-wise, from the calyx cloak; and I love that shy first gesture, whatever it may be, of a child so emerging.
  • Dahlias He gives up much of his time to the culture of flowers, and is more interested in the success of his dahlias than in those scenes of courtly circles in which he is called to fill so distinguished a part.
  • dales The spot had evidently been chosen primarily with a view to concealment, and the result of enquiries kindly made since then by one of my friends has been to elicit proof of certain traditions still lingering among the older inhabitants of these dales concerning a noted distiller of illicit spirits, who flourished and defied the law among these wild retreats.
  • dallas Their West-side line runs through the rich farming country in Polk County by Dallas to Sheridan, and a junction with the Western Oregon broad-gauge near by.
  • dallies The knitters and the spinners in the sun And the free maids that weave their threads with bones Do use to chant it; it is silly sooth And dallies with the innocence of love Like the old age.
  • dells The direction of river-valleys has in like manner been determined in the first place by the original slope of the land; but the deep dells, the broad valleys and straths, have all been scooped out by running water.
  • deluxe A great many of the deluxe elite were too heavy in the hock, too wide in the beam, and far, far too distended in front.
  • DILLS That there li'l young Mista Dills?
  • dollars When you pay the ten dollars due me you can both have your traveling bags, and not before.
  • DOLLS She played at this as a western child plays hostess to her dolls.
  • dulles 52 Muche slepe ingendereth diseases and payne, It dulles the the wyt and hurteth the brayne.
  • dulls I want to creep off into a dark and silent place until my misery dulls a little."
  • duplex A proper motion of this magnitude is extremely rare, yet we do not say it is unparalleled, for there are some few stars which have a proper motion even more rapid; but the remarkable duplex character of 61 Cygni, combined with the large proper motion, render it an unique object, at all events, in the northern hemisphere.
  • fell feet
  • flax The sixth said, "My husband has flax and wool to spare if I go to other folk's houses to do their work."
  • foreign matters
  • galaxy A handful of men can't take over half a galaxy.
  • having enough on one plate
  • hooking in
  • lax Miss Wilson was not lax in courtesy now.
  • more fair-skinned
  • more fecal
  • relax "Exactly," replied Nasmyth, whose tense face did not relax.
  • talks Says I t' m'self at last, 'Aye, 'deed there must be th' spark there what Anna talks about!
  • telex Several email services offer forwarding to fax, telex or ordinary postal service delivery.
  • unpositive