What is the correct spelling for DARLIG?

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Correct spellings for DARLIG

  • dag Then the Dutchman said "goeden-dag," or farewell, shook hands all round, cracked his long whip, and went off into the unknown wilderness, leaving the Brook family to its reflections.
  • dahlia Robin had met Dahlia Feverel in the summer of the preceding year at Cambridge.
  • daily Daily is the Saxon and popular, diurnal the Latin and scientific term. In strict usage, daily is the antonym of nightly as diurnal is of nocturnal. Daily is not, however, held strictly to this use; a physician makes daily visits if he calls at some time within each period of twenty-four hours. Diurnal is more exact in all its uses; a diurnal flower opens or blooms only in daylight; a diurnal bird or animal flies or ranges only by day: in contradistinction to nocturnal flowers, birds, etc. A diurnal motion exactly fills an astronomical day or the time of one rotation of a planet on its axis, while a daily motion is much less definite.
  • dale Thry it yerself,-yer a good dale more ov a judge!
  • dali For the lordship of this island, the Isle of Fedach, son of Dali .
  • dallier You see by my brusque ways, my bluntness, that I have been no dallier in drawing-rooms, no holder of lady's silk.
  • dally At the Barricades this voice was heard: 'It is no longer time to dally , let us lead my lord to Reimes.
  • dark Strictly, that which is black is absolutely destitute of color; that which is dark is absolutely destitute of light. In common speech, however, a coat is black, tho not optically colorless; the night is dark , tho the stars shine. That is obscure, shadowy, or shady from which the light is more or less cut off. Dusky is applied to objects which appear as if viewed in fading light; the word is often used, as are swart and swarthy, of the human skin when quite dark , or even verging toward black. Dim refers to imperfection of outline, from distance, dark ness, mist, etc., or from some defect of vision. Opaque objects, as smoked glass, are impervious to light. Murky is said of that which is at once dark , obscure, and gloomy; as, a murky den; a murky sky. Figuratively, dark is emblematic of sadness, agreeing with somber, dismal, gloomy, also of moral evil; as, a dark deed. Of intellectual matters, dark is now rarely used in the old sense of a dark saying, etc. See MYSTERIOUS; OBSCURE.
  • darkie We had to take it in turns to row with this worthy, and I soon discovered to my cost the inconvenience of sitting in close proximity with a perspiring darkie .
  • darkly But now something big is darkly outlined under the umbrella-like acacia.
  • darling Darling-say you're sorry I'm going!
  • daylight It won't do to waste daylight any longer.
  • daylong They saluted with a nod, and began recounting for each other's benefit the daylong -doings of the weather, as it had affected their individual experience and followed their prophecies.
  • dealing It is not a question of just dealing , but of emotion.
  • dearly He said that he had no legal right to me and that he loved me too dearly to stand in my way.
  • deli Then she picked up some tuna salad and steamed veggies from a new deli on West Tenth Street.
  • deluge An' Mr. John's whistle ez enuff ter put sunshine inter the Deluge !
  • dialog "It is very bad to allow one of the speakers in a dialog to read the mind of him who speaks to him like an open book.
  • dig I'll dig for the gold, indeed I will, but I'd like to go on a hunt now and then.
  • drag My mother must have been very able through love to drag him free from them, even if they did pursue.
  • drug It was close and hot, and, after buying sondaes at the drug store on the corner below, Alexander suggested riding out and strolling along some of the paths of Druid Hill Park.
  • garlic Season some of the best vinegar with a little garlic , a little tarragon, and a little sweet-oil.
  • talc Talc is a silvery white, grayish, pale or dark-green coloured mineral, with a pearly lustre.
  • talk Soon Leo was out of his sight, and he returned to the farmhouse to talk the matter over with his spouse.
  • talkie He picked up a walkie-talkie on his desk and punched a button.
  • trig She looked, he thought, ever so trig and energetic and nice; but suddenly aware that Vincent was gazing idly out of an upper window at them, he guessed that the other man would not admire the costume.
  • Dang Out through the Crichtons Willie he ran, And dang them down baith horse and man; O but the Johnstones were wondrous rude, When the Biddes burn ran three days blood.
  • Dialing Then he grabbed for the telephone and started dialing.
  • Doling But while the classroom is busied, patiently, sedulously doling him out silver, he discovers that there is gold lying all around, which he may take without asking.
  • Tali 7; and 11, sed Seneca adverso rumore erat, quod oratione tali confessionem scripsisset.
  • Delia Vergalo, Delia Rocca de.
  • Daley As soon as I had entered the courtyard I met Tim Daley , who gave a loud shout as he saw me, and at once, as I knew he would do, inquired for Larry.
  • Darla Darla appeared in 25 Buffyverse episodesBuffy the Vampire SlayerDarla has appeared in 5 episodes, appearing in the first, second and fifth seasons.

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