What is the correct spelling for DAUILY?

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Correct spellings for DAUILY

  • dahlia This table Don and Flamby shared with a lady wearing her hair dressed in imitation of a yellow dahlia, and with a prominent colourist who was devoting his life to dissipating the popular delusion about trees being green.
  • daily We have a class of hands who are paid by beach fees, and another class whom we employ as day labourers, and we pay these either daily, weekly, or monthly, or whenever they like.
  • dairy Hence the stall-fed, city-dairy cow, and the farm cow on a rich clover pasture in June or July are especially subject.
  • daisy In terror-stricken recognition of the awful presence, Daisy alarmed the whole household with his cry, "Come quick!
  • dale Then they sent Dale out of the room.
  • dali
  • dally She did not speak at all for a minute, then she chose to dally with the evil tidings.
  • darkly "I reckon if you knew all about her, you wouldn't be so anxious to stand up for her," Norris said darkly.
  • dearly The worthy man dearly loved a joke.
  • dill And they, raised on pale, pink, ready-cooked ham and doughnuts and corner grocery dill pickles, don't know what they are getting.
  • doily Why, each of those corners is as much work as a whole doily.
  • dolly "'By Jove, Dolly,' cried Sir Gerald, 'here's the shuttlecock after all!
  • doubly I was alone, doubly alone, since that girl had left us.
  • dourly She pushed away her plate and became suddenly dourly communicative.
  • dual It's for her that I am planning, but she won't listen to anything but this dual arrangement.
  • duel He, in common with many of the others, was beginning to recognise a note of something unusual in this duel.
  • dull Were you very dull without Kester, Mollie?
  • dully Up till that moment I had been dully wishing it were all over, and had been actually in a hurry; but suddenly I felt as if I couldn't bear being married, and should have to run away.
  • duly It gathered in Havana, held meetings, declared itself the duly chosen and representative agent of the Cuban people, and demanded recognition as such by the American authorities.
  • gaily Another woman in her place, with her immense means, might have let go all she had lost and lived gaily from day to day.
  • gaudily As she stood in her white dress, white shawl, white bonnet-all as plain as possible, but still pure bridal white, contrasted strongly with the glaring colors of that drawing-room over the shop, which Poor Mrs. Ferguson had done her luckless best to make as fine as possible, her tall, slender figure, harmonious movements and tones, being only more noticeable by the presence of that stout, gaudily-dressed, and loud- speaking woman, most people would have said that, though he had married a governess, a solitary, unprotected woman, with neither kith nor kin to give her dignity, earning her own bread by her own honest labor, the master of Saint Bede's was not exactly a man to be pitied.
  • tail Somebody's tail shall be twisted for this!"
  • tally But no, each appears to be describing the same ceremony more or less completely, with characteristic touches that indicate the personality of the speaker, and in the main all the stories tally.
  • tautly I have drawn the line, for example, squarely and tautly on burglars.
  • Dilly "Of course 'tis gone; and of all the dilly-dallyin' men, I must say, John, you'm the dilly-dalliest.
  • Daley "I'll get out, Mr. Daley," said Tom, rising.
  • Darla
  • being knee deep in
  • holding assembly