What is the correct spelling for DAWAY?

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Correct spellings for DAWAY

  • away We did get away .
  • byway I wouldn't like to tell you of all she tries to do to me on highway and byway ."
  • dada Why, I can see him now, mounted aloft on my shoulder and holding me round the neck till I was fairly choked, and the other lad clasping me round the knee, and hallooing out that he wanted to ride dada , too, though Olive never seemed to care to see me play with them-we made so much noise, she said.
  • daddy What do you fear, daddy ?
  • daily I have had about twenty-eight years' experience of that system of paying daily .
  • dairy As for its food, Violet had been firm about the main point, but it was no strain to order once for all from the dairy an expensive kind of milk which Ranny paid for.
  • daisy No, no, he wasn't thinking of Daisy Neversedge-no, nor of little Miss Wrennick: same sort of story, but he wasn't thinking of them at all.
  • dakar It just seems to me that Isobel might do better back in Dakar , or in New York with your friend Jake Armstrong.
  • dally Let's see what prog we have for supper; the kettle has boiled long enough; my stomach cries cupboard; and I'll warrant our guest is in no mood to dally with his trencher."
  • dana The shining beings appear to be lower in the hierarchies; the opalescent beings are more rarely seen, and appear to hold the positions of great chiefs or princes among the tribes of Dana .
  • data But they don't come into our story; and besides, they had too few data for their opinions to be of any value.
  • davy "This is not much of a hotel," the clerk continues, at last fishing out a chair that seems to be strong, and placing it in front of the guest; "but it is the best Davy affords.
  • dawes "Jump up here, now," said Dawes , flinging a couple of rugs on top of the load of goods.
  • dawn Then she fled away into the dawn .
  • day What has come over you to-day?"
  • decay You are traitors to yourselves by rejecting this life-span for a few brief years of glory as a soldier, then a slow decay for ten years till you are in a grave at thirty or forty.
  • delay He would not delay his return, for fear of leaving the two women too long alone.
  • dewar A widow is usually taken in marriage by her late husband's younger brother or Dewar , or by one of his relatives.
  • dewey C. F. Wheeler; and a former instructor of botany, L. H. Dewey , now of the United States Department of Agriculture.
  • dewy So young, so full of the dewy freshness of the morning, with her ruddy curling locks floating saucily around her.
  • doorway After these efforts he rested, sitting in the doorway in the sun, and then searched out a meal for himself.
  • dowdy She knew that this was the case, although Miss Sophia's dress was almost dowdy , and the little brown slipper which peeped out from under the folds of her gray dress was decidedly the worse for wear.
  • dower She was my dower , my inheritance.
  • downy When he saw the red paint a smile curled the well-cut mouth, which was not yet wholly concealed by the downy beard of early manhood.
  • dowry He knew then what he would do with Amalia's dowry .
  • dray It was a covered-in dray , and had been brought to in a little clearing of the scrubby undergrowth.
  • seaway A good all-weather boat, very steady in a seaway , her lines were nevertheless fine, nothing in her appearance in the least suggested a vessel of commercial character-"all yacht" was what Monk called her.
  • sway But surely his good intentions, his way of life, his gentle kindness should carry sway .
  • tawny At Lahore the writer saw a tawny eagle stoop at a man who had climbed a tree and secured the eagle's eggs.
  • way But I see now it was the only way .
  • Darby "Like a literary Darby and Joan," she says, "I taking snuff, and he groaning all the while, and saying he can make nothing of it, till he has finished, when he finds he has made something of it."
  • Noway We never had much to give 'em, noway."
  • DWI
  • Darcy "I-I-" "This is no time for false delicacy between you and him," said Mattie; "he loves you in his heart-he is only saddened by the past belief that you loved Maurice Darcy -if you do not shrink to unite your fate with his, and make his life new and bright again, ask him to be your husband.
  • Danae Although he was a real "Captain Scuddy" now, being posted to the Danae , 42-gun frigate, the capacity of his cocked hat would be tried by no shower of gold impending.
  • Daley Mr. Horace Daley was a young man with an embarrassed manner and a desire to appear quite at ease.
  • Danny Danny stood up on his hind legs so as to whisper in one of Peter's ears.
  • Daffy Daffy is such a beautiful word.
  • TWA His neck in twa the Armstrangs wrang; Wi' fute or hand he ne'er play'd pa!
  • Douay Having at length got safe into French Flanders, I there repaired to the college of the Scotch Jesuits at Douay , and discovering myself to the rector, I acquainted him with the cause of my sudden departure from Italy, and begged him to give notice of my arrival, as well as the motives of my flight to Michael Angelo Tambuvini, general of the order, and my very particular friend.
  • be-dogs

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