What is the correct spelling for DAYED?

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Correct spellings for DAYED

  • dad Hand me that pillow, please, dad ." Even though you`re more traditional than my dad Even though you drove me crazy from hello You touch a part of me I didn`t even know I had – Even Though by Unknown Author
  • darned A little stocking, rather plentifully darned , was being darned again.
  • dashed Without hesitation he dashed down the aisle and into the thick of the fray near the door.
  • date He might have been mistaken about the date before, but- Nothing fitted.
  • dated But she would still write to him, and date her letter before the time that his was dated .
  • daubed However, he was not to be discouraged; he daubed his face over brown and black; pulled his cap over his ears, and knocked at the door.
  • david David soon afterwards called on me, and gave me hopes for another day.
  • dayan Of course, a Shochet sausage and a Dayan -no, that was very wrong!
  • daybed He glanced shyly at the daybed , which would become his, and from which Lou and Emerald would have to move back into the hall, back to the worst spot of all by the bathroom door.
  • dazed All yesterday I was absolutely dazed ; I could not do the most ordinary things.
  • decayed This marsh, as it appeared to us, presented a breadth of some hundreds of yards, on which grew a close network of grass, with much decayed matter mixed up with it.
  • deed Dalton knew better than try any more nonsense, so he had the deed made out in proper form and handed over.
  • delayed When he saw 'Lena, however, his first impulse was to clasp her in his arms and compel his wife to own her, but day after day went by, and he still delayed , hoping for a more favorable opportunity, which never came.
  • domed A natural majesty expressed itself in the domed forehead, and in the fine head, lightly touched with gray; the eyes too were gray, the lips prominent and sensitive, the face long, and, in line, finely regular.
  • doped The next time he rode he might have won, but the horse was doped .
  • dosed I know it is not to be accounted for physically, but I do actually see it, though my lids are dosed , and so it rocks my mind, as it were, and overpowers me, and I am obliged to rise from my knees.
  • doyen
  • dried
  • dryad
  • dye
  • dyed
  • dyer I don't know as to his being shot; but Tom Dyer , who was here this morning, said that he had just seen the parson, who was in great trouble, news having reached him last evening that Julian was wounded.
  • eyed
  • kayoed
  • keyed
  • tamed
  • taped
  • Bayed By this time the scene in the valley was becoming highly exciting; the hounds, yelping and barking, bounded hither and thither; some, with uplifted throats, bayed deeply a long, protracted note; others, with noses to the earth, ran swiftly along, and then, stopping, burst into a sharp cry, as if of pain, while old Bob Carney's voice, encouraging this one, and cursing that, was high above the tumult.
  • Dabbed He grabbed a filthy piece of blotting-paper and dabbed it cheerfully over Gordon's name in the book, while the latter smiled at the monument of enterprise himself.
  • Dammed On the 20th of September I ascended to the great Donkia glaciers, east of Momay; the valley is much longer than that leading to the Kinchinjhow glacier, and at 16,000 or 17,000 feet elevation, containing four marshes or lakes, alternating with as many transverse moraines that have dammed the river.
  • Darted Andrew, somewhat relieved, darted an angry glance at Mrs. Penn.
  • Dater
  • Dawned
  • Dialed
  • Diced
  • Died
  • Diked The silence of the Roman historians affords a strong presumption that this art was unknown to the inhabitants of the Netherlands at the time of the Roman invasion, and the elder Pliny's description of the mode of life along the coast which has now been long diked in, applies precisely to the habits of the people who live on the low islands and mainland flats lying outside of the chain of dikes, and wholly unprotected by embankments of any sort.
  • Dined
  • Dived
  • Doled He must hew his way to fortune, if only in order to support his family, which was now drifting about from village to village of Provence and subsisting on the slender sums doled out by the Republic to Corsican exiles.
  • Doted
  • Dozed
  • Duped
  • Guyed The other and more ambitious girls guyed her right unmercifully for her plebeian tastes.
  • Joyed Indeed, he seemed much embarrassed and not at all over-joyed by the arrival of his old benefactors in Paris.
  • Tared
  • toyed
  • Stayed
  • Dyes
  • dared And it was only now, before that dim hearth, and in that black room, where never a sound of wheels disturbed the silence of the slumberous past, that she dared to speak.
  • TAED
  • payed
  • dis-unified

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