What is the correct spelling for DEANDER''S?

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Correct spellings for DEANDER''S

  • dander You see he didn't know what the sergeant were about, and though he wern't fool enough to strike a rooibaaitje in the town, his dander got up at that poke.
  • Dandies The hair was luxuriant, stiff, straight, and more uniformly jet black than that of the southerly stocks; it was worn long by the women and most of the men, though partly clipped or shaved in some tribes by the warriors as well as the worthless dandies, who, according to Catlin, spent more time over their toilets than ever did the grande dame of Paris.
  • Sanders Never mind, my darling," she adds, turning to her little cousin, who, with a sigh and not without much physical effort, is putting the colossal Sanders on his bookshelves; "it certainly presents an imposing spectacle, and I have a foolish thing for your birthday, the very finest my limited means could afford."
  • DeAndre
  • Genders 1. With the false genders like baron, baroness, it is a general rule that the feminine form is derived from the masculine, and not the masculine from the feminine; as peer, peeress.
  • deadens Time, it is true, at length effaces the recollection of misfortune, and age deadens the sense of sorrow.
  • fenders It is long, like a freight-car, made all of shining gun-metal, or some such material; the huge wheels are of solid metal, and the fenders are so big and solid, it looks like an armored military car.
  • lenders It went down with the rest of Roman civilization, but in the Middle Ages it began once more to revive, and by the end of the eighteenth century the merchants and money lenders of France, with their retainers, the lawyers and journalists, were powerful enough to take the control of society.
  • renders There is no trace in him of the selfish calculation, or the baser falsehood, which renders 'the life of pleasure,' as led by many men, detestable.
  • tenders Men, women, and children were seen in great numbers struggling in the water by everyone on board the two tenders , and, dreadful to relate, upward of 150 of these wretched creatures perished in this way."
  • wanders "Rene wanders around shouting about sin," Rynason explained, "so that he can take up collections to buy himself more to drink."
  • dancers When Deirdre came away from the dancers with her tall partner, Davey went round to where they were standing.
  • decanters Let's get on with the wine while we've got any taste left in us," he added, filling his own glass and sending round the decanters .
  • denudes The machinery of life here is so intricate and yet so adequate that it denudes them of all the normal and primitive activities of their grandmothers, so they have to invent troubles and contrive quite unnecessary activities to keep from being bored to extinction.
  • meanders 5. Here Obidah paused for a time, and began to consider whether it was longer safe to forsake the known and common track; but, remembering that the heat was now in its greatest violence, and that the plain was dusty and uneven, he resolved to pursue the new path, which he supposed only to make a few meanders , in compliance with the garieties of the ground, and to end at last in the common road.
  • dangers For his dangers were practically over.
  • benders It appeared that Hoddan was revered for the size of the benders he enabled his followers to hang on.
  • deniers Every public man pays tribute to malignity; but he is repaid in deniers and honors.
  • ganders The Deputy-Mayor perceived himself the owner of twelve geese and two ganders -one Brent, one Barnacle.
  • panders He panders to its divers follies, consults its varied wisdom.
  • defenders Then, too, the galloping horses added to the tumult, and it was pretty obvious the defenders were charging their opponents.
  • senders Now you are ready to receive those C-W senders at 275 meters.
  • standers I am very well versed in the theory of a husband, or a father, and can discern the errors in the economy, business, and diversion of others, better than those who are engaged in them: as standers -by discover blots which are apt to escape those who are in the game.
  • by-names
  • by-passed
  • catch22's
  • imbathing

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