What is the correct spelling for DEARJUDY?

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Correct spellings for DEARJUDY

  • daddy Daddy, bring some water, please.
  • dandy And there's a young dandy getting out; he's looking at the house; he's coming in; it must be for me.
  • dark Suddenly, when it was full dark , she knew that he would not come.
  • darkly "We might do without these things altogether," he answered, darkly .
  • darned "None of your darned business," I replied.
  • dart Her brows drew together a little as if at a momentary dart of pain.
  • dead I might 'ave been dead , for all you knew.
  • decade From the point of view of the history of literature and thought there is much to be gained from the collection in large libraries of all books printed before 1501. From the point of view of the history of printing every decade of book-production has its interest, and the decade 1490 to 1500 among the rest.
  • decayed The days were prolonged, the decayed seal food ran low, water was almost impossible.
  • decked A number of the fishermen go in the same boats which they use in the herring fishing, but some of them have a class of boats in which they go out to sea for two or three days, and these are decked and very comfortable.
  • decode Joe, decode what I wrote there, then go ask the skipper how much we're off it.
  • decreed She felt a longing, which she checked, to add, "It is the day I decreed when I looked at Henriette Sennier!"
  • degrade The consequence of this state of things is humiliating to relate, since it shows to what baseness the most high-minded among us may be forced to degrade themselves.
  • delude If deprived of it they delude ."
  • denude A burst of approving laughter was our only answer to this speech, while Maurice proceeded to denude himself of his most extraordinary garment.
  • depart Pelleas is very anxious to depart on a long journey to see a friend who is dying.
  • deputy Who was your deputy ?
  • deride Wandering between two worlds, one dead The other powerless to be born, With nowhere yet to rest my head, Like these, on earth I wait forlorn, Their faith, my tears, the world deride - I come to shed them at their side.
  • derrida
  • dirty Just at this time Mr. Fitzwarren himself came home from the city to dinner, and, seeing a dirty , ragged boy lying at the door, said to him, Why do you lie there, my lad?
  • dowdy But the gentleman who was driving lifted his hat to the dowdy lady, with a gesture of marked politeness, and a young and elegantly-dressed lady, his sister, nodded and smiled, and waved her hand to her.
  • druid Everywhere are the records of the mighty past of this thrice-holy Druid land of sunset.
  • gaudy His gaudy gold case, the gift of a grateful staff, was on the table in front of him, and he jerked out a cigar with a flourish.
  • tardy He was an easy-going young fellow, who hated trouble, and perhaps, knowing that the inevitable day of reckoning was approaching, this accounted for the somewhat tardy awakening of his conscience.
  • teddy Well, why not wait till Teddy 'as got the money?
  • toady He's a help and comfort to mother, a good friend to Toady , and I love and respect and am proud of him, though you do say he is a fool," cried Polly heartily.
  • tragedy Yet she had lived just that life for twenty-eight years before she married Martin Collingwood to escape from it; and, though she had been most unhappy in it, she certainly had not regarded it as a tragedy .
  • Argued Dorris argued the question with himself, and came to the conclusion that if it meant rest and forgetfulness he would welcome it.
  • Carded The merchant manufacturer bought raw wool and had it carded, spun, woven, fulled, and dressed at his own expense.
  • Carted I've been carted here and carted there, and put out of this town and put out of that town, and stuck in the stocks, and whipped and worried and drove.
  • Darted The two boys darted off, the others following them at a little distance.
  • Debarked I was interested, but not alarmed; whereas a lady tourist who debarked on the following day fell in a swoon and was conveyed to the hospital.
  • Decried In this conquest France played a large part, just as was the case in the conquest of Togoland, with her Senegalese Tirailleurs, the famous Tirailleurs, so much decried and discussed before the war, who were to win the admiration of the English generals under whose orders they fought.
  • Judy Ah, Judy , dear, why won't they let us forget him-" "Jacqueline!"
  • Trudy We're not young ladies, like you, Trudy .
  • Edgardo The villain's eyes sparkled as he nodded at Edgardo .
  • dared "If I could tell you," he said, in a low voice, "what I thought of you-what every one thinks of you-you might perhaps understand why I have dared to speak."
  • deejay Jeremih credited deejay Bam of Chicagos Power 92 for selecting "Birthday Sex" for radio play. I hear the talking of the deejay Can't understand just what does he say – Mexican Radio by celtic frost
  • dorky
  • tarty
  • erectings

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