What is the correct spelling for DEEKEZ?

If you meant to type "deekez" but spelled it wrong, there are a few possible corrections you could consider. One likely option is "decks", referring to a set of playing cards or a platform. Another possibility is "dekes", a term used in hockey to describe evasive maneuvers. Double-checking your spellings can help ensure accuracy in your writing.

Correct spellings for DEEKEZ

  • decked The tables in the banquet hall were decked with elaborate centerpieces and fine china.
  • Decker I saw Mr. Decker walking his dog down the street this morning.
  • deeded The land was deeded over to the nature reserve for preservation.
  • DEEE
  • deemed The proposal was deemed unfeasible by the committee.
  • deepen I tried to deepen my understanding of calculus by attending additional lectures.
  • deeper I want to dig deeper into this topic to fully understand it.
  • Deere I saw a John Deere tractor on the road this morning.
  • Deezer Deezer offers a wide range of music genres to cater to different interests of its users.
  • geeked I'm so geeked for the new season of my favorite TV show.
  • meeker After being swindled, he became meeker and more cautious in his transactions.
  • peeked I peeked around the corner to make sure no one was following us.
  • reeked The trash bin in the kitchen reeked of spoiled food.
  • seeker The seeker meditated for hours, seeking inner peace and enlightenment.