What is the correct spelling for DELEMA?

The common misspelling "delema" can easily be corrected by replacing the "e" with an "i", resulting in the correct spelling "dilemma". Remembering the double "m" and pronunciation similarity to "lemma" can also help avoid this mistake. Keeping these suggestions in mind will ensure the proper written representation of this word.

Correct spellings for DELEMA

  • Belem Belem is a city in Brazil known for its historic architecture and delicious cuisine.
  • deem As a doctor, I cannot deem a patient healthy without conducting a thorough examination.
  • Delia Delia is going to be the new president of the student government.
  • Della Della left her keys at home.
  • Delmar Delmar is a small town on the border of Maryland and Delaware.
  • delta The Mississippi River delta is a vast and complex ecosystem.
  • dilemma I am facing a dilemma between going to the party or staying home to finish my work.
  • ELEM
  • Elma She has the look of an Elma.
  • selma Selma has always dreamed of starting her own business.
  • Velma I know Velma is mad at me.
  • Zelma She heartily enjoyed Zelma's company.