What is the correct spelling for DELIEVES?

Possible corrections for the misspelling "delieves" include "delivers", "relieves" and "believes". While the intended word remains unclear, context can help determine the most suitable option. Double-checking surrounding text or seeking assistance from spelling and grammar tools can ensure the correct choice.

Correct spellings for DELIEVES

  • believers The preacher spoke to the congregation of believers about the importance of faith.
  • believes She believes that learning a new language is essential for personal growth.
  • deletes
  • delibes After Mozart's death, his music was embraced by the French composer, Delibes.
  • deliver I need to deliver this package to the post office.
  • delivers He delivers the roses to my doorstep.
  • delves As a journalist, he always delves deep into the facts to uncover the truth.
  • derives The word "derives" derives from a Latin word meaning "to draw out of.
  • relievers Most relievers are middle infielders or designated hitters.
  • relieves The doctor prescribed a medication that relieves the symptoms of my migraine headaches.
  • relives As she looked through her old photo album, she relives all the happy memories from her childhood.