What is the correct spelling for DERAY?

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Correct spellings for DERAY

  • betray I know you will not betray me.
  • dairy Moreover, most of the dairy equipment required electricity for its operation and for many years this was not readily available in the area.
  • dare Oh, you didn't dare !
  • day Was it the day Mr. Fortescue came?
  • dear Dear, you know it!
  • dearly He let a question or two of Arline's go unanswered while he struggled for a decision, but when they reached the house, only one point was dearly settled in his mind.
  • deary Deary me, to think of that and me a poor, broken, old man not able to move an arm or foot.
  • decay Rot is a strong word, ordinarily esteemed coarse, but on occasion capable of approved emphatic use; as, "the name of the wicked shall rot," Prov. x, 7; decay and decompose are now common euphemisms. A substance is decomposed when resolved into its original elements by any process; it is decay ed when resolved into its original elements by natural processes; it decay s gradually, but may be instantly decomposed, as water into oxygen and hydrogen; to say that a thing is decay ed may denote only a partial result, but to say it is decomposed ordinarily implies that the change is complete or nearly so. Putrefy and the adjectives putrid and putrescent, and the nouns putridity and putrescence, are used almost exclusively of animal matter in a state of decomposition, the more general word decay being used of either animal or vegetable substances.
  • decry It is the fashion in this country to decry professional politicians, to uphold the doctrine that the office should seek the man and not the man the office.
  • deere Here my sweete sonnes and daughters all my blisse, Yonder mine owne deere husband buried is.
  • defray The surveyor will be inclined to ask, How can a capital be raised to defray this enormous expence?
  • delay Walk up and get your tickets without delay !
  • derail All along the track, from outside of Benton to the top of a long, slow rise of desert were indications of the fact that Indians had torn up the track or attempted to derail trains.
  • derby A figure came thumping hurriedly across the yard, a black medicine case in its hand, its vest secured by a single button at the bottom, wearing a white shirt streaked with ambier, and a derby hat much too large.
  • dewy The fragrant water-lilies ha' never smiled at them; They never picked a wild-flower from off its dewy stem; They never saw a greensward that they could safely pass Unless they heeded well the sign that says "Keep off the grass."
  • diary In my diary of the day's doings, only the results of observations were written down.
  • dory If it smells any worse than that old fish dory of yours, I’ll have it buried, for the sake of the public health.
  • dowry It was saved for my dowry , with a few other jewels of less worth.
  • drab Ranny's mother contended almost with passion that drab showed every stain.
  • drag I've tried three times to drag you inside, You didn't seem awake.
  • dram As will readily be supposed, the interview commonly ended with a dram from the laird's own hand.
  • draw And He saith unto them, Draw out now, and bear unto the ruler of the feast.
  • dray The soft earth had again impeded the dray s; the teams of two came in at twilight, an axle of one dray having been damaged; the six others were brought up in the course of the evening.
  • dread I've told you the truth; you do the same, he added, with a sort of eagerness mixed with dread .
  • dream Ah, Mr. 'Arry, your mind is sleeping and has gone to dream .
  • dreamy In dreamy stillness we sought the bosom of the frozen sea, and there heard the groan of the pack which told of home shores.
  • drear Few are the sorrows so hopelessly drear But they have sad representatives here; Never a crime so complete and confessed But has come hither for one night of rest.
  • dreary I hope you included the family in your dreary picture.
  • drew Betty again drew a long breath.
  • dry I'm going to my house to get you some dry clothes.
  • era From this era they occupied a prominent place in the national institutions and history, and afforded many opportunities for the display of picturesque costume.
  • leary "And at long last there was young Jack Leary , that had been all his life in old MacCarthy's stable, and he knew how the old man was bad off for a butler, and he made bold to ask for the place.
  • peary Mr. Peary had his own-he had buried part of mine.
  • ray Here not a ray of light came, but he placed her behind him, holding her hand all the while in a close grasp.
  • teary Claude's been with the pressmen behind, and having a hairy-teary heart to heart with Enid Mardon.
  • terry Hadn't Robin mentioned Mrs. le Terry as one of the leaders of Fallacy Street?
  • tray Having deposited the tray , he chanced to look towards the place where I was sitting.
  • trey A can of formaline still eluded me, but I looked dubiously at my limp trey of clubs.
  • try You may try it.
  • weary Then began weary days of waiting.
  • Terra The three-hundred-guinea hunter floundered on to the opposite bank, threatened to fall back into the stream, by a Herculean effort recovered itself and emerged on terra firma.
  • DEA A picture of the shameful Clodius at the feast of Bona Dea arose before me.
  • Dora "Come, Dora , this is needless peril," said Martin, drawing her within the room.
  • Debra Debra asked, staring at them.
  • drays The heavy drays were, of course, far behind.
  • dears "It's not really a healthy house-" "No-with the orchard-and it's much too small-" "Poor dears , hope they'll be happy.
  • DRAT "And drat everything, includin' the boy, if you like!
  • dearer Land's going to be dearer in that district presently.
  • abbes
  • flat-hatted

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