What is the correct spelling for DESEPOINTED?

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Correct spellings for DESEPOINTED

  • designated In Bermuda, the adventurers had found an answer, or rather thought they had, by dividing the land into tribes, later designated as parishes, over which a bailif would exercise an office that was partly civil and partly traditional on the landed estates of England.
  • despondent Jatupon stood by, inert and despondent , as these purchases so abstract and foreign to his hopes were loaded off onto a mover's truck.
  • disappoint I did not like to disappoint Tom, but at the same time, as I should thereby be avoiding danger, it was just the request to which I could not well agree.
  • disappointed She was much disappointed in her mother-and in herself too.
  • disjointed While he was yet uttering these broken, disjointed sentences, he had drawn Kate by the arm within the room, and now stood beside Lady Dorothea's chair.
  • dismounted One day as Tom was riding he saw a company at football, and dismounted to see them play for a wager; but he spoiled all their sport, for meeting the football, he gave it such a kick that they never found it more; whereupon they began to quarrel with Tom, but some of them got little good by it; for he got a spar, which belonged to an old house that had been blown down, with which he drove all opposition before him, and made a way wherever he came.
  • disoriented "Look at her," Katherine Starr continued shoving Kristen- who was completely disoriented her eyes blinking in confusion-in front of Van de Vliet.
  • dispensed It did not dawn on critics that these could be dispensed with in a great poetical work.
  • dispirited Notwithstanding all the general had said, Sir Ralph felt so greatly dispirited , that, writing to Lady Castleton, he gave her no hopes of Harry's having escaped.
  • disputed The much disputed question as to whether alcohol is a food or not, is really of little or no practical importance.
  • disunited The travellers are more numerous, but they are separated, disunited , cooped up in the different compartments, half asleep, surprised in the middle of the night, seized unexpectedly and without arms.
  • Depended Everything depended on her bulkheads, the captain said.
  • Descanted The old woman obeyed his injunctions, except as to talking; and, while she placed the chairs and shook up the pillow, descanted on the sovereign virtues of some green oil and opodeldoc, which was as good as a charm for sprains and bruises.
  • Descended Not long after we started, darkness descended.
  • Discounted She had not known he was acquainted with her plan to leave France; he had discounted a hundred devices to keep it from his knowledge.
  • Disported The man who had been engaged to nurse and wait upon him had attired him with much care in a dressing-gown as elegant as the robe in which he had disported himself, a penniless young cornet, in his luxurious garrison quarters, some fifty years before.
  • Disseminated A Canadian official publication says of another Shorthorn herd, which at one time had a very high reputation, that when an investigation in regard to tuberculosis was recently made the disease was found among ordinary cattle wherever animals from this herd had been introduced, and that this herd, which had been looked upon as one of the greatest benefits to the farming community, was really a danger, because it disseminated tuberculosis among the farmers' herds.
  • Dissented Among the persons whose advice was sought on this point, I was the only one who dissented from the arrangement proposed.
  • Responded "On the other hand," responded the colonel, "it would be well for him to be careful just now.
  • desalinated

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