What is the correct spelling for DESINERS?

When encountering the misspelling "desiners", consider the following correct suggestions: designers, resigns, designs, designers, deriders, discerns, desiring. Double-check and choose the appropriate word based on the context. Proofreading is key to ensure error-free writing and effective communication.

Correct spellings for DESINERS

  • definers There are several definers in the office, but one in particular stands out.
  • defines The dictionary defines "love" as a strong affection for another person.
  • deicers My family uses deicers to clean the refrigerator.
  • deniers The deniers of climate change are a minority, but they have a loud voice.
  • designers Fashion designers are responsible for creating unique and stylish clothing designs.
  • desires She was struggling to balance her desires with her responsibilities.
  • destines The decisions we make today can greatly impact the future that destines us.
  • Dewiness After lunch, she felt a deep sense of dewiness.
  • diners The diners enjoyed the gourmet food at the five-star restaurant.
  • disinters After the fireworks, the crowd dispersed and the Disinters were left to clean up.
  • diviners Nina, a diviners, reads the tea leaves to find out what the future holds
  • seiners The fishermen used seine nets, also known as seiners, to catch a large amount of fish.