What is the correct spelling for DETELES?

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Correct spellings for DETELES

  • beatles I'd been startled to know that she knew the Beatles .
  • dateless And what this sigh, That each one heaves for Earth's last lowlihead And the Heaven high Ineffably lock'd in dateless bridal-bed?
  • deathless At that moment she felt that Jack's love for her still existed, strong and deathless , in the face of temporary abstraction.
  • deeds But "to-morrow" brought its own deeds to be done, and so did the following two days, and it was Friday afternoon before Marjorie found time for her visit to the little gray house.
  • details Two details remain to be observed.
  • dulles I've heard so much about you from Miss Dulles ."
  • Deities The offerings made at these temples are often very valuable, the cupidity of the deities within not being easily satisfied.
  • Duties He was wholly taken up with his new duties there, and his room had been set in order and closed as if he were dead.
  • Nettles He nettles me; but I think I have him in my power: Is your Lordship ready to observe?
  • Tales I hate to carry tales.
  • Delis She also wanted to be able to chat with the increasingly Hispanic workforce in restaurants and delis.
  • Needles Out of their penury and want they brought gifts of food, tobacco, cloth for patches and needles and thread.
  • deletes When there are no more links to a file, Linux deletes the file itself, that is, its inode.
  • defiles On the morning after the retreat, Tarleton found Marion's trail across the Woodyard, but went round it, and pursued, as he says, "for seven hours, through swamps and defiles ."
  • deals The word of a man is that by which he utters himself, by which he puts himself in communication with other persons and deals with them.
  • settles But the darkness that settles on the life of the individual, and upon the condition of large classes of people through what is human, personal, and practical is often overwhelming, and compels men to cry for light.
  • retells He never retells stories of that nature, and he never, when he can avoid it, listens to them.
  • tells And then there's the lover's lie, it's what a lad tells his sweetheart-that goes along with what she tells him-and comes by way of nature-" "Or you might class it along with your own blarney."
  • deters "No," Abbie answered very gently; "but I think it is wrong to school ourselves into believing that we do not care for any thing of the kind; when, in reality, it is a higher, better motive which deters us from having many things.
  • dates On their dates , what he had to tell her about his life was brief, impersonal.
  • dealers One of these dealers took from his bosom a small flat leather receptacle wherein he showed some fine emeralds, colored diamonds, rubies, and topazes.
  • turtles They took off shoes and stockings and waded to Treasure and Far Islands, they scrambled up Mount Emery, hunted for turtles in Turtle Cove-without even seeing one-and tried broad-jumping on the Inner Beach.
  • doles Human life was an obscene and cruel struggle of wild beasts for the doles flung by fortune into the arena.
  • kettles The ice has settled in the kettles in the meantime.
  • titles There is indeed a class of people whom he describes as always buying and never selling-the unproducing class who live on their money, and who, he says, receive by legal titles or by force wealth made by producers without giving anything in exchange for it.
  • tattles "Critica," that bane of Venetian life-what this, that, or the other neighbor tattles to this, that, and the other listener, we dismiss with a wave of the hand, or with fingers tight clenched close to the offender's lips, or by a blow in the face.
  • deludes All I say is, that men have been happy without it, even under the pressure of disaster, and that to make immortality a sole spring of action here is an exaggeration of the folly which deludes us all through life with endless expectation, and leaves us at death without the thorough enjoyment of a single hour.
  • doodles Well, yes; I don't know about up-hill, Doodles .
  • dawdles "Winston Bartlett is not a man who dawdles .
  • DOTES She fair dotes on 'em.
  • tiles Then the action of the earth-worms began, and floors and foundations, with fallen stones and tiles , were gradually buried in the soil, and what was once a city was a dense thicket of oak and holly and thorn.
  • deckles
  • dales His cottage was quite a decent dwelling, separated from the road by a nice long strip of garden, and with a miniature apple orchard behind it; but it showed all those signs of neglect that had been evident at Vine-Pits when the Dales first came there.
  • duels "Come," he cried, "I shall have twenty duels on my hands if I let you rest here, when there are so many who wish to dance with you."
  • diddles At twenty, we diddles the public; at forty, we diddles our cronies!
  • diesels The fourth, and next, main element in the demonstration will be provided when diesels go into regular service on some well-known transport line as standard equipment, and the accumulation of data on performance under normal service conditions begins.
  • doters
  • tittles
  • steels But a merciful Providence steps in and steels our hearts.
  • dells Picturesque hills, clothed with grass and open forest, especially on their summits, and dells between them, yellow or red with rich ripe grass, indicated a spot of the finest description; and through the gap lay my destined line of route, to the north-west, river or no river.
  • beetles
  • aigrettes What shall I say of my tail, broad as a club, with alternate rings of fawn-color and black, or of the sensitive, priceless aigrettes which spring from my ears?
  • ailings
  • uncategorical

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