What is the correct spelling for DEWLERS?

If you likely meant "dwellers" instead of "dewlers", here are some acceptable suggestions. "Dwellers" refers to individuals who reside in a specific place, like residents or inhabitants. Correct spellings can make a world of difference in conveying the intended meaning, so ensuring accuracy is essential for effective communication.

Correct spellings for DEWLERS

  • dawdlers The slow moving group of dawdlers held up the line behind them.
  • dealer The dealer dealt the cards to each player with expertise and precision.
  • dealers I'm looking for a good car dealers.
  • defers The student defers their enrollment to the following year.
  • deters The possibility of a hefty fine and jail time deters many people from committing crimes.
  • dewlaps The trail of dewlaps left across the sand by the large animal was unmistakable.
  • dwellers The dwellers in the forest were terrified by the sound of the animal.
  • tellers The tellers at the bank must not let money get lost in the shuffle.