What is the correct spelling for DIERECTION?

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Correct spellings for DIERECTION

  • defecation Involuntary urination and defecation .
  • defection The critical moment would be that of the discovery of Gerard's defection , and if he and his party escaped massacre in the outburst of fury which was sure to follow, why their escape would smack of the nature of a miracle about as much as anything he had ever known in his life.
  • dejection The attitude of the horse was one of extreme and wearied dejection .
  • deprecation Nevis did not comply, and though he made a gesture of deprecation the look in his eyes warned her that he meant to let her feel his power.
  • dereliction The first was a consciousness of having acted wrongly-of having failed in filial duty; and to a parent whose generous indulgence caused the dereliction to be all the more keenly felt.
  • derogation She might have told the story to any man in the company without derogation from her womanly dignity.
  • detection To copy even these deeds to any great extent, would have been dangerous, and have subjected him to detection .
  • detraction A lady cannot live As she was borne, and with that sort of pleasure That fits her state, but she must be defam'd With an infamous lords detraction : 105 Who would endure the Court if these attempts, Of open and profest lust must be borne?
  • diction "A poem whose excellence peculiarly consists in the graces of diction ," his preface runs, "is far more difficult to be translated, than a work where sentiment, or passion, or imagination is chiefly displayed....
  • diffraction The effect of the ruling is to produce by what is known as diffraction the required breaking up of the beam of light into its constituent parts.
  • digression Having made this digression , we will return to the time when the "Sylph" lay on the waste of waters, rolling her polished sides in the shining ocean, while the drops of spray which they threw off sparkled like diamonds in the rays of the burning sun.
  • directing Certainly he wouldn't want "The greatest liar of the Century" to be one of the powerful forces directing the political thoughts of the Century.
  • direction When class was over she seized her books and left the room without looking in Constance's direction .
  • directional They had several specially designed, highly sensitive directional microphones aimed at the building from carefully selected spots around the area, trying to pick up the muffled sounds of speech or motion within the warehouse.
  • dissection Dissection of these turtles revealed that their stomachs were distended to two or three times normal size with mulberries; no other kinds of food were found in the stomachs.
  • traction A British officer declared that one trained elephant is more valuable than a half-dozen traction engines.
  • directions But directions were lacking.
  • redirection I came in for a moment, said Hamilton St. John, for the pleasure of telling you how tremendously grateful we all are to you for your song, which was such a big factor in my father's redirection to the Senate.

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