What is the correct spelling for DINCE?

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Correct spellings for DINCE

  • dace Two-score trouts and a multitude of dace and chubs were taken.
  • dance Listen, Genevieve: If I go, are you going to give me every dance ?
  • dancer It is evident that you don't appreciate my rare ability as a dancer .
  • dane "You'll have to get a hustle on if you intend to stake," Barry Dane spoke up.
  • deice
  • dense In this region a dense and heavy fog almost always lies upon the sea.
  • dice No use of tobacco, no card-playing, and no throwing of dice was allowed.
  • dicey Referring to this subject, Professor Dicey says: "The powers exercised by the Houses, and especially in practice by the House of Commons, make a near approach to an authority above that of the ordinary law of the land."
  • din I felt crushed by the unearthly din .
  • dine You can dine with me to-day, Mr. Crow, can't you?
  • diner Field was, by the common verdict of those who had the pleasure of meeting him at any dinner company, the best diner -out they ever knew.
  • ding On Friday I found out that two good fellows, Ding and Nichol, also intended to escape by the same method.
  • dinner "To Miss Poppleton," he replied, "who is taking dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Chester."
  • done I am done with him.
  • dunce I'd hate it too if I were as big a dunce as you.
  • dune And what guid wad it hae dune to hae said she was ill?
  • mince Mince the liver also, and mix it with the other ingredients, adding salt, pepper, and nutmeg.
  • nice It's nice t' be nice .
  • tine Far this first tine the princess had made up her mind to take them to the Torre di Nonna Theatre, as comic pieces were played there, and they could not help but laugh.
  • wince He goes on describing his play until he touches on some of the sarcasms which make Balaustion wince .
  • Danced He had danced down in the French quarter, and there Porler had picked him up.
  • Dined When we have dined, we will relieve the nurse.
  • Since It seemed a long, long time since he had asked her to do anything-with him.
  • Dino The Duc and Duchesse de Guiche, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Hare, the Duc de Talleyrand, Duc de Dino , Count Valeski, Mr. J. Strangways, and our own large family circle.
  • Denise If Denise should not recover.
  • Dionne
  • Vince Vince Lardner, the shop owner and-until now-the sole barber, was cutting the hair of a man Rick recognized as a local resident.
  • Dina Only at five o'clock I am free, and I am going to the city with the Princess and Dina .
  • Diane But, like Ninon de Lenclos and Diane de Poictiers and other of the world's true super-women, age had no power to mar her.
  • Dianne That one was Dianne de Poytiers.
  • dingoes "Not so sure of that," I answered as we rode away, and turning my head, I observed that one of the dingoes was beginning to move.
  • dunces But as that ignorance was combined with a fine natural insight which saw deep whenever it saw at all, it was not possible to write Mrs. Hilbery off among the dunces ; on the contrary, she had a way of seeming the wisest person in the room.
  • dines The family dines at three o'clock punctually, and Herr von Osternau likes to have every one in the dining-hall as the clock begins to strike.
  • DINS These Man-Dins formed a distinct class of the population, and numbered about five percent of it.
  • DANES 271 Danes Camp, Danes Bank, or Bury Fields, ........
  • dunes Flatray gave a sharp, shrill whistle; and from behind some sand dunes emerged two men and four horses.
  • dings He beats her, he binds her, He lays her on a band, And every day he dings her With a bright silver wand.
  • tines These filled up the vacant space between the tines , and made them capable of holding the combustible matter with which they were at night filled.
  • dices 15 -Dices bien: hazte comandante....
  • diners "But I refuse-I refuse to hate any one," she said aloud; chose the moment to cross the road with circumspection, and ten minutes later lunched in the Strand, cutting her meat firmly into small pieces, but giving her fellow-diners no further cause to judge her eccentric.
  • dances She doesn't believe in public dances , either.
  • dinners We gave them dinners and allowed them to sit about our stove with picture-books in hand.

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