What is the correct spelling for DINET?

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Correct spellings for DINET

  • dainty Numerous small tea tables supplied with all manner of dainty tea things were scattered about.
  • dante Impatient at praise which was not destined for himself, jealous of Dante as of the universe, a refined man of letters, Choulette continued: "I suspect that the little sister of the angels never lived, except in the imagination of the poet.
  • Denied He would not be denied.
  • denote Uniting those Rivers in his verse, the Poet means to denote the Roman Conquest over two Enemies widely distant from each other.
  • dent And Dent and Me Dain.
  • Diane Had he sufficient justification for that half-promise, Diane?"
  • didn't
  • diet The poet next threw open the door of the room opposite his own, as he said to his companion,- "Here is your place- No want of space; According to diet, Not always so quiet."
  • din The animals, frightened by the shouting and din, broke loose from their leaders and rushed wildly hither and thither, adding to the confusion.
  • dine Now, smiling, he said: "Alice, won't you consider it and come up and dine with us after all to-night?
  • Dined That evening Harold Wainwright dined at the Sandersons, and four happy people seated themselves at the little, round table.
  • diner So that we are driven to remark, even in such everyday matters as these, but it is the invisible, the spiritual, which after all gives value and reality even to dinners; and, with Solomon, to prefer the most touching diner Russe, the dinner of herbs where love is, though I trust that neither we nor Solomon should object to well-dressed cutlets with our salad, if they happened to be going.
  • dines Jane dines with me, walk with her.
  • dinette
  • Dinged Dinged if he ain't fussin' with that dog again!
  • Dinned Like many another man in those days, he wanted a wife, and this my mother dinned into my unwilling ears morning, noon, and night.
  • dint By dint of reflecting on his position as an unfortunate and despised lover, Ernest went through something of the same process as Modeste's first letter had forced upon him.
  • dis enthrones
  • don't I don't know where.
  • donate This book is mainly to describe the lifeboat service, and how private individuals can donate the money for building a new lifeboat.
  • net They say she read her invite in the post-office with one hand an' snapped up that tobacco-brown net in the post-office store window with the other, an' out an' up to Liddy's an' hired her before she was up from the breakfast table.
  • tenet This was also the tenet of Socrates.
  • tent We rolled ourselves up in our blankets on the ground, under the wagons or in a small tent we had, for sleep.
  • tint It has a true Spanish tint, and one dyed in the wool; one might probably travel far in Spain before meeting a truer.