What is the correct spelling for DINNR?

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Correct spellings for DINNR

  • diana Edwin made a little oration to her in absentia, in which he humbly begged her pardon and swore by all the gods of Mount Olympus-by the great Jupiter, the chaste Diana and all the rest of them, as far as he could remember their names-that he would restore her safely to the lake.
  • din Then, waving the children out of the way, he began to dance about the two sisters and to chant in a loud voice, shaking the rattle till it seemed as if the din must waken a dead person.
  • dinar "'"Why," said I, "as to that, you need make but little fuss over the loss of a little brush; a single dinar will buy you five score of them."
  • dine Do not forget that all of you are to dine with me to-morrow.
  • diner Everybody else went out for a bite, probably that diner down the road.
  • ding With the December moon we returned northward to Ser-wah-ding-wah.
  • dingo It came across the country from the Musgrave Ranges in the north-west till it reached the Dingo Creek.
  • dingy They passed up the dingy stairs and into the hall.
  • dining Is that him going into the dining room?
  • dink Dink you, den, I run from dis, my dearie-o?
  • dinner Were they coming to dinner ?
  • dint On the Saturday-by dint of losing no time upon the way-they arrived at Exham Park.
  • donna How much like heaven it will be when, at the close of a solemn service, we are favored with snatches from Verdi's "Trovatore," Meyerbeer's "Huguenots" and Bellini's "Sonnambula," from such artists as Mademoiselle Squintelle, Prima Donna Soprano, from Grand Opera House, Paris.
  • donne He was the friend of prime donne , a pillar of the opera, an ardent frequenter of all the important concerts.
  • donor Clara was about to put it in a cupboard in the attic, but Madge had pleaded so pathetically that the donor had in a measure divined what her sister loved, and had done her best, although she had made a mistake, that finally the statue was placed on the bedroom mantelpiece.
  • tinny It was being worked by inexpert hands, for the time was something jerky; but it was robbed of its tinny meanness and even majesty by the hugeness of a cavern's roof, as well as by the crashing, swinging march it played- wild -wonderful-invented for lawless hours and a kingless people.
  • Dinned In the first four acts we have the doctrine of silence, as well as various other doctrines, dinned into our ears.
  • Dunner "You all better go git yo' dinner 'fo' it git col', stidder projeckin' 'roun' here wid you dunner what," remarked Drusilla.
  • Dino "The dino what's-his-name," said Gerald.
  • Dion Trajan often invited him to his table, and used to take him as companion in his state carriage, although the honest soldier did not pretend to appreciate Dion 's rhetoric.
  • Dunn I wus hopin' you might be Jim Dunn .
  • Dinah And we can lead Dinah off from the road and hitch her to a tree.
  • Dionne
  • Donn W. Julian, John B. Alley, Schuyler Colfax, Hugh McCulloch, A. J. Grover, Donn Piatt, Judge Nelson, and others.
  • Danny Then he told Danny how Old Man Coyote had done him a good turn In the Old Pasture in return for a good turn Peter had once done him, and how he said that he always paid his debts.
  • Denny I found out they were good as gold that winter I went up an' passed Sunday with Mis' Denny .
  • Donny "And the land-which you are no judge of yet, but you will-is as good as it is pretty," said King Corny, "which I am glad of for your sake, Prince Harry; I won't have you, like that donny English prince or king, they nicknamed Lackland.
  • Dunne Du Maurier, George, Peter Ibbetson, 1, 318. Dunne , Finley P., 2, 94, 264. Durham, 2, 306, 307. Duveneck, Frank, 1, 153, 337 and n.
  • Dina The General laughed, Dina laughed, everybody laughed.
  • Dianna
  • Diann Until recently, Burns and her now teen-aged son resided in Chicagos Lincoln Park, see: "Chicago TV Anchor Diann Burns sells her Lincoln Park Mansion for $4,525,000" - Curbed.
  • Diane An ordinance was made in 1558, through the influence, as it is supposed, of Diane de Poitiers, by which every publisher was compelled to present copies of his books, printed on vellum and suitably bound, to the libraries at Blois and Fontainebleau, and such others as the King should appoint.
  • Dianne
  • DUNNO Well I'm thet 'appy I simply dunno if I'm standin' on my 'ead or on my 'eels.
  • DINS Scrape of insect violins Through the stubble shrilly dins.
  • Donner COME CHRISTMAS EVE, OLD NICK'S A GONNER! We'll be snacking on deer, EATIN' Blitzen and Donner – Jingle Bells by Eminem
  • diners
  • dinners For the meek at heart these words they might sound like a sinner But the truth is that you're sitting on every one of your dinners – Incense And Candles by prince

5 words made from the letters DINNR

  • 3 letter words made from DINNR:

    din, inn, rid.
  • 4 letter words made from DINNR:

    dinn, rind.