What is the correct spelling for DIRRECTION?

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Correct spellings for DIRRECTION

  • correction I must plead guilty to the charge, not having leisure to apply the pruning hook of correction .
  • defection He put it by and talked gaily, till Mrs. Chump, partly to account for the defection of the lady, observed that she knew they had a quarrel.
  • dejection That conversation, joined to other things, to the man's visit, and her husband's deep dejection , had convinced her that all was not right.
  • deprecation Corliss waved his hand in light deprecation .
  • derogation Orsino was not sure whether he might not be showing too much anxiety to remain in the company of his new acquaintance, and as he realised how unpleasant it would be to sacrifice the walk with her, he endeavoured to excuse to himself his derogation from his self-imposed character of cool superiority and indifference.
  • detection Nobody would have guessed that this tuft of grass hid a human being; not even a Boer would have guessed it, unless he had happened to walk right on to the spy, and then it would have been a chance but that the Hottentot managed to avoid being trodden on and escaped detection .
  • detraction They may proceed by a more sure and silent way, and attain the desired end without noise, detraction , or oppression.
  • diction Moderate Force is the natural expression of tranquillity, and, therefore, of all unimpassioned diction .
  • diffraction The ether has sometimes been considered as an elastic solid, but such solidity is comparable with nothing we call solid in matter, and the word has to be defined in a special sense in order that its use may be tolerated at all. In addition to this, some of the phenomena exhibited by it, such as diffraction and double refraction, are quite incompatible with the theory that the ether is an elastic solid.
  • digression During this digression Helen had caught up Wheedle's picture and was pressing it rapturously to her fluttering bosom and exclaiming: You're a perfect darling!
  • directing I had, in truth, received the printed journals a few days before, but had not yet had time to read them carefully, and, particularly, had not then noted the vote of Congress of August the 20th, directing me to attend to that article.
  • direction This last remark proved how little I yet knew of the world, and then my thoughts went in a different direction .
  • directional Antennas can be classified as omnidirectional, radiating energy approximately equally in all directions, or Directional , where energy radiates more along one direction than others.
  • dissection After this incision had been carried down to the level of the muscles attached to the rib cage, all of the damaged muscle which was chiefly the serratus anterior muscle which digitates along the fifth rib at this position, was cleaned away, cut away with sharp dissection .
  • traction
  • Trisection
  • directions On Friday, the 8th November, the party, now silent, still moved under my directions .
  • redirection

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