What is the correct spelling for DISREGAR?

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Correct spellings for DISREGAR

  • desire That desire comes a little late!
  • desired "I have desired to do so for two weeks, Cornelia," answered Mrs. Moran.
  • dirac Thus the corresponding Dirac Brackets are likewise simple to work out, The (2n + 1) constrained phase-space variables (xi, pi) obey much simpler Dirac brackets than the 2n unconstrained variables, had one eliminated one of the xs and one of the ps through the two constraints ab initio, which would obey plain Poisson brackets.
  • disagree "If you two are going to disagree we'll bundle you both into the baggage car and let you fight it out," warned David.
  • disarray If there were any disarray, it was a fetching sort, with a certain rakish effect.
  • disc Holding open the elytra with his fingers, and bending back the abdomen with his thumb, he exposed that oval disc of orange light-only seen when the insect is on the wing.
  • disco The "outskirts," where the Danish colonies are stationed, consist of numerous islands, of which Disco island is the largest in latitude 70 degrees north, and of many peninsulas, with fjords from 50 to 100 miles long, running into the land, and through which the ice above alluded to passes on its way to the bay.
  • disgorge But on one occasion I found a frog quite half gone down the throat of its dread persecutor: I compelled the snake to disgorge it, but the frog died soon afterwards.
  • dishrag When he pays me, I take a dishrag and wipe the mark off.
  • disk While Cousin Edith was extolling its powers, the green cardboard disk, which was originally about the size of a florin, seemed to be growing larger and larger in Jasmine's glove, until by the time South Parade was reached it seemed the size of a saucer.
  • disraeli Disraeli succeeded him as Prime Minister.
  • disregard But he would soon find out if they intended to disregard and pass him by.
  • disrepair Greenhouses and conservatories, too, fell into disrepair and neglect; but such was the marvellous wealth of vegetation that, fast as walls would crumble and architraves give way, foliage and blossom would spread over the rain, and the rare plants within, mingling with the stronger vegetation without, would form a tangled mass of leafy beauty of surpassing loveliness; and thus the rarest orchids were seen stretching their delicate tendrils over forest-trees, and the cactus and the mimosa mingled with common field-flowers.
  • disrobe The prelate then proceeded to disrobe the victims, saying to each one as he did so, "Eximo tibi vestem justitiae, quem volens abjecisti;" to which the oldest pastor, Arent Dirkzoon, stoutly replied, "imo vestem injustitiae."
  • dosage It is quite probable that feeding him pituitary gland extract in the proper dosage would relieve him of his headaches.
  • drag Get a drag upon the sheet, lads, and then aft with you for your lives!
  • dredge In the morning, drain, wipe dry, dredge with flour, and fry brown in butter.
  • drug He has to be on some kind of drug.
  • streak Even the open plains beyond them were visible in a yellow streak above the precipices.
  • Derek Derek is coming this afternoon before he goes back to France.
  • Desiree When Desiree returned in the evening, she told the poor girl that the convoi was arranged for the following morning, that she had ordered all in the most economical way, but that thirty-five francs were the lowest sou for which the funeral could be had.
  • desires I held my arms stretched out to heaven, full of burning desires.
  • illtreatment

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