What is the correct spelling for DIVE?

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Correct spellings for DIVE

  • dice It was a garden of some extent, and little heaps of chairs and small three-legged tables showed that on warm nights the frequenters of the cafe drank their wine and threw their dice there instead of within.
  • die I hope that you are not going to die , as you suppose. They always must be with us, or we die. Therefore, 'tis with full happiness that I – Endymion (excerpts) by John Keats
  • dime There certainly wasn'tno one there as needed it worse, 'n', although I 'd never be one to call a dime a fortune, still it is a dime , 'n' no one can't deny it the honor, no matter how they feel. Ever been a time when you didn't have a dime And the only way to get it was to go and do a crime? – Unify by Slick Rick
  • dine He would have me to dine where he was invited to dine , at the Backe-stayres. Elder fella, lookin for that shine, Ill shine ya My mind designa, you a dime, I dine ya – Harlem Streets by Cam'ron
  • dire Women of the class offering wives decline to be taken on trial; they are boxes of puzzles-often dire surprises.
  • diva Why, she must have in her possession more coal than Diva herself, since Mr. Wootten had clearly implied that it was Elizabeth who could be borrowed from!
  • dive Fool, do you expect your miniature French bulldog or your toy-terrier to dive in and swim out to you, and hold your drowning carcase up, should you happen to become cramped while bathing in the sea?
  • diver I went up stairs, aghast, and found that the involuntary diver had been placed in bed, and that Miss Lamb had administered brandy and water, as a well-established preventive against cold.
  • dove Her frock would be spoiled, and it was one she was fond of-dove-coloured, velvety, not meant for weather.
  • drive Thay sed 'twer Paddington, an' that I wur to get out, vor they wurn't a-gwain to drive no furder.
  • five 81 The five fingers are brothers.
  • give Give it me quickly."
  • hive In the thickness of the walls there were little rooms or cells, and in these the merchants were making their homes for the night, while about them their servants and muleteers buzzed like a hive of bees.
  • jive After releasing two under performing albums Fantasy Ride (2009) and Basic Instinct (2010), Ciara publicly asked to be released from her label Jive .
  • live "He has followed your advice," answered March, with a satirical smile, "it is the preliminary trumpet to long live King William the Great!"
  • rive Chippewa Rive is navigable for Keal Boats at all seasons of the year but the(?
  • wive
  • Dived But his girl companion is missing, and he has dived to find her."
  • Dives In this way the Norman host that assembled at Dives , while the great fleet was being prepared, included many who came from outside William's dominions.
  • I've I've had 'em, sir.
  • Dave Dave, you are a treasure; you are a darling; you are everything that is exquisite."
  • DIV Let us go together droving, and returning, if we live, Try to understand each other while we reckon up the div.

5 words made from the letters DIVE

  • 4 letter words made from DIVE:

    devi, dive, vedi.
  • 3 letter words made from DIVE:

    die, vie.