What is the correct spelling for DIVIANT?

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Correct spellings for DIVIANT

  • davit Hanging to the davit, he quietly, reassuringly, gave the order for righting the boat, virtually taking the command out of the hands of the first officer, who was trembling with nervousness.
  • defiant Gordon faced life with a defiant "don't care."
  • deviant It was deviant more for him in the sense of diverging from the mainstream than anything significantly pejorative.
  • deviate The path before me is direct and plain; ought I to deviate?
  • dint Reynard looked cautiously over the turf-wall into the neighbouring field, longing evidently to get hold of some of the hares feeding in it, well aware that he had little chance of catching one by dint of running.
  • divalent
  • divan She was soon after left to herself, and leaving the matting divan upon which she had been seated, she paced the room, frantically trying door and windows in turn, but only to find all fast.
  • dividing "Whether there is land or water in the intervening sixty geographical miles is a problem," says the writer, "but in order to be perfectly fair to both explorers and to allow for errors in observation one might split the difference at 83:50 north and consider that latitude as a dividing line between the lands discovered respectively by Cook and Peary."
  • divine He remembered one evening when they had been present at some party and she had been radiant, beautiful, in his eyes divine.
  • diviner After the farmer reached the diviner's house the diviner showed him the fairies, and then when the diviner had consulted them he told the farmer to go home as soon as he could and that he would find the cattle in such and such a place.
  • diving Then once more they took turns diving into the snow.
  • divinity Nor, as he implies, needs he look beyond the range of his own being for the lost Divinity.
  • divot Brendan tugged his hand free and kicked at the dirt with a toe, smoothing over the divot he'd made with the sole of his shoe.
  • Divined Doctor Moran divined something of this resolute temper, and it made him silent.
  • Devin
  • divans Couches and divans stood between the statues, and under a canopy at the upper end of the vast room stood a throne on which Hadrian sat when he held audience.
  • deviants The border leading back to Thailand seemed a dark and opaque one-way journey sealed off to retrospective deviants.
  • DVINA All my life I had seen the Dvina.
  • be-deckings
  • in-voluntary
  • more half-cracked