What is the correct spelling for DIVIDEING?

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Correct spellings for DIVIDEING

  • deciding In the homes the heads of the families are deciding how much they can afford to give to the Old First Night Fund and the other members down to the small children are examining their pocket books and shaking the pennies out of their banks so that every one may have a share, no matter how small, in the gift of Chautauquans to Chautauqua.
  • devising The task of devising speeches was ever present; with me it did not come easy.
  • diverting Germany under Bismarck had encouraged the numerous French colonial schemes, as a way of keeping her busy abroad and of diverting her thoughts from Alsace-Lorraine.
  • divide Divide it, divide it!
  • divided Oomanooi was but one of six villages among which the tribe had divided its two hundred and fifty people for the current season.
  • dividend That means, my daughter, that he really controls the bank's affairs, and has power to declare or pass a dividend.
  • divider He said, "Man, who made me a judge or a divider between you?"
  • dividers He went into the woods, and stripped great rolls of birch bark from the trees, carried them home, spread them out on the table, and plotted his lines with his dividers and ruler.
  • dividing And the dividing of the sextette of girls was the dividing of the freshman class of Sanford High School.
  • diving Diving to a few thousand feet of the ground he again found his retreat barred by eight of the enemy, but these he was able to shake off after short bursts of fire and he returned a few feet above the ground to our lines.
  • Deriding It is true they neutralize their concession by deriding the idea of such a devoted person being found; and Apollo also shows himself a stranger to the decrees of the higher powers by making wrong guesses as to the event; but the whole episode is conceived in a humorous and very human spirit which especially reveals itself in the attitude of the contending parties towards each other.
  • Deviating This kind of imperfect definition, however, takes its rise from the same cause as the other, namely, the willingness to accept as a definition anything which, whether it expounds the meaning of the name or not, enables us to discriminate the things denoted by the name from all other things, and consequently to employ the term in predication without deviating from established usage.
  • Deviling V. Of the long conversation and great perplexity of Pieter Gans and Blaeskaek in the matter of the deviling; and how they returned to Uccle with a resolution taken.
  • Devoting As the subject is of importance to the student of socialistic institutions as well as of the nihilist movement, I shall make no apology for devoting some observations to its explanation.
  • Divesting On Thursday afternoon four young lads had an exceedingly narrow escape from drowning in the ferry harbour; they were amusing themselves with a boat, when they overbalanced and fell into the water; this was noticed by Alexander Ferguson, mason, who was standing on the jetty, and he, without divesting himself of any of his clothes, swam to their rescue.
  • Divining "Julia will probably ride back to Texford by herself when she finds that we have not returned; or will remain at our cousins and send over to say that we have been detained," observed Harry, divining his friend's thoughts.
  • divides No deed can bridge over the lapse of time which divides the first stage of a great social structure from its completion.
  • am obtainable
  • am odds
  • more selfasserting