What is the correct spelling for DLJ?

If you're trying to decipher the misspelling "dlj", consider a few possible words it could have been. It might have been "deli", a place to grab a sandwich or "dell", a well-known computer brand. Another option might be "dual", a term used to describe something with two parts.

Correct spellings for DLJ

  • ALJ The ALJ presided over the hearing and made a final decision in the case.
  • CLJ
  • DAJ
  • DJ I hired a DJ for my party.
  • DL I need to download the driver for my printer from the manufacturer's website, so I can install it and start printing again - the file is called DL.
  • DL J
  • DLA The DLA provides support to disabled individuals.
  • DLC I downloaded the new DLC for my favorite video game.
  • DLF DLF Limited is one of India's largest commercial real estate developers.
  • DLG
  • DLH
  • DLI DLI (Defense Language Institute) offers high-quality language education to military personnel and civilians alike.
  • DLL DLL is used to enable multiple programs to share code that is stored in a single file instead of having the code stored in each program separately.
  • DLM
  • DLP The DLP projector provided a clear and sharp image for the presentation.
  • DLR The DLR is a driverless railway system that operates in East London.
  • DLS
  • DLT The use of DLT technology has the potential to revolutionize industries such as supply chain management and finance.
  • DOJ The DOJ is investigating the allegations of police brutality.
  • DoJ The DoJ is responsible for enforcing federal laws and ensuring justice for all.